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Curriculum Development

Curriculum Development


Curriculum Development includes:

  • Development, review, and approval of courses, degree programs, minors, and certificates
  • Staff support for the Undergraduate Curriculum Team and the Graduate Curriculum Team
  • Publication of the university catalog
  • Maintenance of numerous academic policies
  • Oversight of the degree audit system (Degree Works)


Curriculum Management System

Helpful Information for first-time users:

  • Complete Tutorial (112 KB - PDF)
  • The Curriculum Management System (CMS) will allow you to enter requests for new courses, requests for changes to existing courses, and requests for deletion/removal of existing courses.
  • One person is chosen by each college to act as their College Administrator within the system. Each College Administrator has the ability to add other users from their college.
  • Users are classified as "Observers" or as "Initiators." An observer can view and comment on all courses in the system. An initiator can enter and modify their own requests.
  • Request information is (1) entered, (2) reviewed, and finally (3) saved into the system. Requests may be re-opened and modified after the first submission/save until the information is "Approved" by the appropriate College Administrator.
  • Course initiators should know what they plan to enter for 4 important fields on a request entry form. They are the course prefix, course level, 3-digit course number, and course title (30 characters or less).

    Please note: For new courses, there must be a suggested 3-digit course number in CMS. However, when putting this course in program information for the catalog copy, the suggested 3-digit course number must be represented with an XXX. For example, the level and suggested 3-digit course number of 4123 would be represented as 4XXX in the catalog copy for any programs that would include this course.
    Read the 3 page Statewide Course Numbering Guide.
    Learn more about how to arrive at your suggested course number.  
  • Initiators can go back and make as many changes as necessary to their own saved requests in the CMS. The only thing that will prevent an initiator from making changes is final approval by their College Administrator. Once the College Administrator approves a course, it is closed to further modification, and presented to the appropriate Curriculum Team for review and approval.

Download Curriculum Proposal Forms 
(Degree-Major Revision, New Certificate and Certificate Revision, New Minor and Minor Revision)

Curriculum Development Guidelines describes general procedures for the planning and approval of academic programs.  Submitted as part of the Reaffirmation of Accreditation Report in August 2014.  

Curriculum Development Procedures describes general procedures for the planning and approval of academic programs.  Superseded in part by the Curriculum Development Guidelines.

Guidelines for Changes to the Current Academic Catalog

CMS News:

A link to the General Education Competencies Form has been added to the Add Course and Change Course screens in the General Education Requirements section of these screens.

Curriculum Support:

If you have any curriculum related questions please don't hesitate to contact:
Sherrie Amundsen, Lucero Carvajal, and/or Cathy Duff.

Technical Support:

If you have an questions regarding Technical issues in the CMS only, please contact:
Joe Stanis