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Curriculum Development

Curriculum Development

Current Catalog Guidelines


Guidelines for Making Changes to the Current Catalog

Having the catalog in a database has significantly decreased the workload associated with formatting and editing the catalog and increased the accuracy of curriculum and academic policy information. Once the current year catalog is published to the FGCU website, it is a matter of public record. It was necessary, therefore, to setup guidelines for evaluating requests to make changes to the current catalog. The guidelines are as follows:

A change will not be made to the current catalog unless the change is needed to correct a critical error. For this purpose, a critical error is defined as inaccurate information that would inhibit a student’s progress through a program, time-sensitive changes due to accreditation or state mandates, or material that could harm the institution’s reputation. Changes to a published catalog require updates in two database areas (current catalog and working catalog) with appropriate documentation in a master log.

Please keep track of non-critical-error changes that you would like to make for the upcoming year. In late fall or early spring, you will be updating and sending a catalog copy document and instructions for making changes for the upcoming year. If you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to share them with Cathy Duff  (, Lucero Carvajal (, or Sherrie Amundsen (