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Finance and Accounting

Finance and Accounting

Treasury and Cash Management


Bank Reconciliation

Bank reconciliation is the process of matching and comparing figures from the accounting records against those present on the bank statement. Subtracting any items which have no relation to the bank statement, the balance of the accounting ledger should reconcile or match to the balance of the bank statement.

Discrepancies and unrecognized items are promptly investigated and resolved.

Cash Management

Cash Management is an integral part of the Treasury function as it appropriately maintains the daily cash operations and maximizes returns by investing idle cash. Good cash management consists of anticipating cash requirements and determining the best funding source to meet them.

The minimum cash reserves that the University will require can be determined by analyzing the current business needs and the historical cash flows. By maintaining cash reserves at a minimum, the University can maximize its investments by reducing the amount of cash held idle in the bank.

Capital Project Financing

Finance & Accounting facilitates and manages the finance activities and programs that benefit the University, as well as coordinates the financing of capital projects with the FGCU Financing Corporation. Judicious use of debt can assist the University in achieving its strategic objectives while maintaining a credit rating that appropriately balances financial flexibility with the cost of capital.

Unclaimed Property

Payee                  Office

Student                Bursar

Vendor                 Procurement Services

Employee             Finance & Accounting

After the unclaimed property has been reported to the Florida Department of Financial Services, any request by the payee should be made to the State of Florida. To see if you have any unclaimed property held by the State of Florida, visit their website at