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Procurement Services

Procurement Services



This section is for Faculty & Staff members to access Procurement Services forms.  For a comprehensive list of all forms provided by Procurement Services, please visit the Office of the Controller's website here.

Access to certain forms is restricted, please use your webmail login for access when prompted to enter a username & password.

For questions regarding these forms, please contact Procurement Services at (239) 590-1130.



ACH Enrollment Form

Change Order Form

Direct Pay Form

Emergency Purchase Certification

Evaluation Committee Guidelines

Reconciler Reassignment Request Form

Foreign National Information Form

Independent Contractor Checklist

Missing or Incomplete Receipt Form

New Card Request Form

Online Requisition Approval Queue Request Form

Open Records Statement

Payee Invoice

Payee Invoice-Registered Sports Club

Payee Invoice-Registered Student Organization

P-Card Statement of No Activity

Procurement Services Justification Form

Purchase Requisition

Sole Source Certification Form

Tax Exempt Certificate - October 2013 through 2018

Temporary Limit Increase Request

Travel Authorization Request Form

Travel Reimbursement Request Form

Vehicle Mileage Log

W-8BEN To be used by foreign persons

W-8BEN-E To be used by foreign entities

W-9 Form