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Procurement Services

Procurement Services


Welcome to Florida Gulf Coast University Procurement Services. Procurement Services is comprised of purchasing, accounts payable, the travel desk, and the purchasing card program. Procurement Services is committed to serving the needs of the university students, faculty, staff and the greater Southwest Florida community.


Trainings must be scheduled in advance to participate

Travel Training- provided the last week of each month. Contact Michelle Frederick for specific dates and times to schedule training

Pcard Card Holder Training- provided every Tuesday 2:00pm. Contact Paige Messer to schedule training

Pcard Reconciliation Training- provided every Thursday 10:00am. Contact Paige Messer to schedule training

Procurement/Purchasing Training- provided the 3rd Wednesday of every month. Contact Sharlene Brodman for specific dates and times to schedule training


Procurement Services is dedicated to providing professional and efficient acquisition and payment processes in support of the activities of Florida Gulf Coast University which include: education, research, and community service. Through the process of acquiring commodities and services, Procurement Services maintains procedures that foster fair and open competition, inspiring public confidence that all contracts are awarded equitably and economically.  Accounts payable is dedicated to providing timely and accurate disbursements that are in accordance with university guidelines as well as state and federal financial regulations.


In an effort to support Florida Gulf Coast University in its service to the community, Procurement Services will strive to maintain the highest level of professionalism and integrity in its purchasing and accounts payable practices. The dedication to excellence will inspire public confidence and ensure the greatest possible value and quality in the commodities and contractual services purchased.


  • Per Regulation FGCU-PR9.007, FGCU is a tobacco-free campus.  The use of tobacco products, either smoke or smokeless, in FGCU-owned buildings, vehicles, private residences, or seating arena of any FGCU-owned athletic stadium is prohibited. The Contractor is expected to respect this smoke free policy and fully comply with it. Violators of this regulation may be asked to leave FGCU premises.