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Procurement Services

Procurement Services




Payment of moving expenses is governed by University policy and can only be made when approved and requested by the University Department Head or their designee. The approval to pay moving expenses is restricted to certain faculty and other A&P employees who are selected for full time employment. To ensure consistency and uniformity when a move is contemplated, and to provide a standard method of comparison, Procurement Services is the central contact for the coordination of the movement of household goods. Payment of moving expenses is not automatic and is granted when it is determined to be in the best interest of the University, The State University System, and the State of Florida. The decision regarding the approval and amount of the moving allowance will be made by the Dean, Department Head, or Vice President during the hiring process.


Household Goods: personal effects and property.

Household Members: anyone who has the same former residence and new residence as the employee.

Qualified Moving Expenses: expenditures that are reimbursable by the University.

Nonqualified Moving Expenses: expenditures that are not reimbursable by the University.

Crating/Uncrating: a necessary method to insure the safe transport of a specialty item requiring materials above and beyond what is expected of a reasonable person during a normal household move.

Unpacking: optional luxury service for placing normal household goods within the home which a reasonable person would be expected to do.

Mobile Home: any vehicle used as a home.