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Procurement Services

Procurement Services

Procurement Procedures


Receipt of a Purchase Order

Shipment of goods or fulfillment of services by a vendor should not be made until receipt of the official University purchas order, if applicable, has occurred.  Substitution of items or services specified in a purchase order is not permitted without the expressed written permission of the Office of Procurement Services, typically in the form of a Change Order.  Should a vendor deliver goods and/or services without possessing a University purchas order, you are advised that your payment is in jeopardy.  Only the University's Procurement Services office is authorized to expend funds and issue purchase orders for goods and services on behalf of the University.

Order Procedure and Dollar Thresholds

Quotations are not required for orders up to $5,000.00.  Orders may not be split to circumvent the quote or bid threshold.

Invoicing and Payment

Unless otherwise stipulated on the Purchase Order or contract, all invoices should be submitted directly to the University's Accounts Payable Department.  Florida Gulf Coast University is exempt from Florida state sales taxes.  The exemption number appears on the face of the vendor Purchase Order copy.  Payment may be delayed if invoices or packages do not reference a University purchase order number.

Payment Terms

Payment terms shall be Net 40, pursuant to University Regulation PR6.021 Prompt Payment to Vendors.  For reference, please visit the General Counsel's website here.


Unless otherwise stated in a Purchase Order or solicitation document, all deliveries must be F.O.B. Destination at the vendor's expense.  This expense may be included as a part of the product cost or as a separate line item in a quote or solicitation response.

Unless otherwise stated in the contract documents, deliveries are to be made to Central Receiving.  Freight deliveries can only be accepted at Central Receiving.

Vendor Issues

University departments are encouraged to directly contact vendors in an effort to resolve any dissatisfaction with product, warranty, or service performance. When problems are not resolved to the user's satisfaction, departments are encouraged to contact the Office of Procurement Services for assistance. The Office of Procurement Services then forwards the complaint to the vendor.  A vendor receiving the complaint is urged to act immediately to resolve the complaint.