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Procurement Services

Procurement Services

Qualified Expenses


Qualified Moving Expenses represent the portion of expenditures that are reimbursable by the University. Expenses that meet the criteria for qualified moving expenses may include the following:

• Packing and crating

• Shipping of household goods

• Moving a mobile home

• Transporting household goods by common carrier, rental truck or trailer, vehicle or boat

• Fuel for moving truck

• Cost of shipping household pets

• Shipping of the employee’s vehicle to their new home

• Cost of using a personal vehicle to transport the employee, household members and household goods to the new home. Mileage may be reimbursed at the amount allowable under IRS Publication 521. A MapQuest printout showing the route taken and mileage should be submitted with the Self-Move Reimbursement Form.

• Tolls between the former home and new home

• Uncrating (see definition)


• Up to one month of storage costs

• Lodging may be included as part of the move provided the expense is incurred during the move and is in direct route to the new location.

• There may only be one move of a single residence to the new employee’s home or apartment, (unless authorized by a Vice-President or above).

• Normal liability insurance of the common carrier (not valuation insurance)

• Liability insurance for rental vehicle or truck used in the move

• When a contract mover is used, damage/replacement insurance is included in the cost; when a non-contract mover is used, the employee is responsible for the cost of damage/replacement insurance.