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Adaptive Services

Adaptive Services



Adaptive Services provides accommodations and services for students registered with our office. The following list is not inclusive and other accommodations and services may be provided according to individual need.

  • Note takers
  • Tutoring
  • Extended time on tests (Standard: Time and ½)
  • Minimal distraction testing environment
  • Readers/Scribes for tests
  • Books in alternate format
  • Adaptive technologies i.e. Dragon, JAWS, Kurzweil, Zoomtext
  • Recording of lectures
  • Instruction in study strategies
  • Sign Language Interpreters

The assigned case manager determines what accommodations an individual will receive based on documentation provided and conversations with the individual. Other accommodations may be considered based on the individual's past experiences and the benefits from such an accommodation.

It is the individual's responsibility to notify their case manager if there are any problems with the services, such as mechanical problems, being serviced in the classroom, etc. It is the case manager's responsibility to make sure that the accommodation is secure, or available, at the appropriate times.

It is not the responsibility of the case manager, or Adaptive Services, to make sure that the individual is using their accommodations. The accommodations that are offered are not the "magic trick" to success. They are available in order to supplement the individual's strengths and aid in combating the individual's weaknesses. Adaptive Services is not responsible for academic failure when the individual does not take advantage of the services that are offered.


Reasonable Accommodation

A reasonable accommodation is an accommodation that does not pose a burden or threat, either financially or physically, to the institution or the parties involved. In addition, it is an accommodation that will not alter the fundamental nature and/or requirements of the program or institution. The case manager will determine what accommodations and services will be deemed as "unreasonable".


Course Substitution

Course substitutions for mathematics or foreign language course requirements are available as a reasonable accommodation. Students who are registered with Adaptive Services and who have a documented disability supporting a course substitution accommodation are eligible to petition the course substitution committee. Students who are granted a substitution may choose from an approved list of courses to fulfill the required general education mathematics or foreign language requirements.