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Adaptive Services

Adaptive Services



   The Office of Adaptive Services strictly adheres to confidentiality guidelines. Individuals who receive services will do so on the premise that only the individual, office staff and in some cases, instructors, are aware of this partnership. The following details the confidentiality guidelines.


  1. Documentation is kept in a locked cabinet and is available only to the office staff. The individual has the right to review his or her file upon request, but the file is not allowed to leave the Office.

  2. Instructors and other faculty and staff are on a “need to know” basis; individual files will not be made public to those that work at FGCU. Documentation is not given to instructors but they are made aware of the accommodations that will be needed while the student is enrolled in that specific course. The Office of Adaptive Services STRONGLY suggests that the individual contact their instructor and develop a student/teacher relationship with them. However, it is the decision of the individual whether or not the instructor is made aware of the individualized need.

  3. Tutors, note takers and other volunteers who will help provide services are also on a “need to know” basis. Their primary goal is to tutor or take notes. It is at the discretion of the individual whether or not these service providers are made aware of their individualized need.

  4. Testing accommodations will be handled in a manner that  allows only the individual and the instructor to know about the accommodation. The Office of Adaptive Services strives to maintain confidentiality throughout this process.

  5. In accordance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), all information regarding the individual’s acquired accommodations and services, testing circumstances and grades are ONLY seen by the office staff and the student. The Release to a Third Party form can be completed by the individual, allowing office staff to discuss the individual’s status with members of a third party, but ONLY in general terms. It is at the individual's discretion to decide who they want knowing their academic status.

Download the FERPA Policies [.pdf - 198kb]

If any questions or concerns arise regarding confidentiality, contact the Office of Adaptive Services.