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Admissions Counselors

Admissions Counselors

Frequently Asked Questions



 We appreciate what you do as an educational professional to counsel students through their college search and application process. We want to ensure you have the resources you need to be successful in discussing FGCU               with your students. Below, we have provided a list of FAQs for high school counselors.


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Is your application available online? Is it part of the Common App?
  1.  Yes, our application can be found online at
  2. No, we are not part of the Common App.


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Do you except the application fee waiver?

FGCU will accept application fee waivers from the following:

SAT- The College Board provides up to 4 fee waiver forms. These forms can be obtained through the high school counselor or directly from College Board (SAT).

ACT- The ACT forms can be obtained through the high school guidance office.

NACAC- The NACAC fee waiver is obtained from NACAC, then provided to the high school guidance office.

For all three forms, the online application can be completed up through method of payment. Your students will then send FGCU the fee waiver form. Once received FGCU will match the form to the online application for further processing.

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When are your application deadlines?

Application dates for students can be found on our Admission webpage at:

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How can I submit my student's transcripts?

Official transcripts must be submitted using one of the three methods listed below:

  1. Electronically through FASTER (SPEEDE):FGCU's SPEEDE code is 730000003255300.
  2. Other Transcript Services (Parchment, eSCRIP-SAFE or the National Clearinghouse).Notifications to view transcripts from these services should be sent to
  3. Paper via Postal Mail: Official paper transcripts, in a sealed envelope, should be sent to:

                        Florida Gulf Coast University
                        Office of Undergraduate Admissions
                        10501 FGCU Boulevard South
                        Fort Myers, FL 33965-6565

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Are your requirements for summer different than for fall and spring?

Our requirements remain the same for all entry terms (summer, fall, and spring). Please follow this link for our application requirements: FRESHMAN ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS.

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What was the First-Year student profile for last year's accepted class?

Our average freshmen profile for 2014-2015:

Average GPA was a 3.72

Average SAT was a 1577

Average ACT was a 23.1

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Can I check my students' application status?

High School Counselors can contact the Undergraduate Admissions office at 239-590-7915 or by email at for any information on the progress of a student’s application.

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What do students need to complete their application?

In order for an application to be considered complete and ready for review, we must receive the application fee, the online application, official high school transcripts, and SAT/ACT test scores. (Other documents may be required depending on the individual situation. The student will be notified if additional information is required.)

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Who is the FGCU representative assigned to my high school?

FGCU Admissions Recruiters have assigned geographical territories in order to best serve students and schools.  Refer to the College Fair and Events page to find your representative.

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What is FGCU's preference -- AP/IB coursework or dual enrollment (DE)?

All three, AP/IB and DE are accorded the same additional weight for admissions consideration.

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Do you offer financial aid? Scholarships?

Financial Aid at FGCU is available in the form of scholarships, grants, loans and work-study.  To find out what you might be eligible for, you must complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), before our priority deadline of March 1st!  

The FGCU Foundation offers many scholarships, with various qualifications for each one. To qualify for consideration, students must apply between November 15th, and March 1st, for the following academic year.  This year, the Foundation will award approximately one point seven million dollars in scholarships to FGCU students.  Please be aware, both the FAFSA and the Foundation Scholarship Application are required for First Generation Scholarship consideration! In addition, the student must also be eligible for a Federal Pell Grant in order to receive the First Generation Scholarship.

Our Financial Aid website not only offers additional information about all of the above, we also provide links and applications to many outside scholarship opportunities.  Please check the website regularly for new scholarship opportunities and important updates.

In addition, there are several merit based scholarships and waivers offered through The Office of Admissions. Please see the link below for additional information:

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How do I set up a visit to see the school or for my students to see the school?

Reservations can be made by either:

•             Filling out the online reservation form on our website

•             Calling 239-590-7878 Monday-Friday: 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

•             Emailing a request:


Tours available at 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Monday through Friday

Select Saturdays (see calendar for availability): Tours available only at 10:00 a.m.


For larger tour groups you will want to contact our tour coordinator Rachel Anderson directly. You can email her at and she will set up your special group tour.


Please make reservations for your tour as early as possible (no later than 72 hours in advance)

as FGCU is a very popular campus to visit and our tours do fill up.


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Are students assigned academic advisors?

Yes. Students will be assigned a first year advisor for their freshman year. After that they will be given an academic advisor within the college where their major is taught.

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How long does the application process take?

Once we receive all required documentation the application will be evaluated. While it is difficult to estimate an exact time frame, the process will go by a lot more quickly if the student is diligent about submitting the necessary documents.

Application files are reviewed and decisions made on a rolling basis, meaning files are reviewed in the order completed and decisions are made at that time.

Depending on the time of year, decisions may take anywhere from a few days to several weeks from the date the application file is complete.

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My student has a hold decision status. What does that mean?

Meeting minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission. Admissions decisions are selective and competitive. If a student does not meet our desired GPA and test score levels we may place them in a hold decision status.

This will give the student additional time to submit higher test scores or other information as described in our communication to them.