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First Year Advising

First Year Advising - Florida Gulf Coast University

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First Year Advising
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Choosing Your Major


The decision about what to major in is an important one for new college students.  It is easy to feel some degree of pressure to choose your major as quickly as possible so that you don't fall behind in your studies, but for many students, the initial choice of a major isn't made with a complete understanding of the range of options available at the university, the courses that are required in the major they chose, and whether the curriculum is a good fit with their academic strengths and weaknesses.

As students move through their first year of college and learn more about the university (and themselves), it is very common to discover that the major they selected at the point of admission may not be the best one for them.  As they learn more about the range of majors available at the university and gain a better grasp of their own academic interests and abilities, some students decide to change their major.  In fact, approximately two out of three students change their major at least once before the end of the sophomore year!    

Regardless of whether you stick with the major you declared when you applied to FGCU or you change your major after you begin your studies, choosing a major should be a planful decision that is rooted in self-understanding of your interests, abilities and values.  

There are a number of campus resources that can assist you in this learning process.  


Offices offering assistance with major exploration:

Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS)
There are times in the academic process when students may need career counseling.  Perhaps it is at the point of declaring their college major or it could be at the point of discovery that the chosen major was not what they expected.  Some students are returning to college because they are considering a career change.  Working with the professional staff of CAPS can assist students in making an informed personal choice.  A variety of career assessment instruments are available and are often utilized in the career counseling process.

Career Development Services (CDS)
Career Development Services (CDS) assists students and alumni in preparing for and achieving their career goals. CDS offers individual counseling to students and the Career Center offers a number of helpful resources as they begin to prepare for the world of work. CDS works closely with a large number of employers in the state of Florida to assist them with their recruiting needs, and provides support and resources to faculty and staff on campus.

  • Explore the CDS Calendarfor events: career fairs, job fairs, law school fairs, employer student recruitment events and etiquette dinners.
  • Students may also consider enrolling in FGCU's Career Planning course SLS 1301.

First Year Advising (FYA)
First Year Advisors work specifically with First Time in College (freshmen) students, guiding them in their transition into (and navigation of) the university experience.  Our staff helps students clarify their interests, abilities and values in the context of class selection, major choice, and curriculum planning.  We empower students to make informed academic decisions, while helping them interpret policy and understand the university resources available to assist in their academic success.


Tools for investigation:

Major & Career Guidance
Explore these resources to help with the major/career selection and exploration process.

Major track course recommendations
Explore the curriculum for different majors at FGCU.

Resources for Parents and Families
Explore a number of resources to assist your student with the major and career exploration process.