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Business Applications



Printer Standards

ITS does not have a campus wide printer policy however, we do recommend HP as our preferred vendor for all printer purchases. The ITS Helpdesk will make a best-effort approach for performing any local or network printer maintenance.  In some instances your third party provider may need to be contacted for support.

The ITS Helpdesk does not support shared or wireless printing on campus.

The ITS Helpdesk will provide support for FGCU printing needs as follows:

Printer Deployment

The ITS Helpdesk will deploy newly purchased printers or re-deploy existing printers after the devices have been delivered to their respected departments or destinations.  This includes unpacking and positioning the printing device, installing and configuring supplies that are included with the printer (toner, paper trays, printer control settings etc…) and making initial power and network connections.  The ITS Helpdesk will also collaborate with other ITS departments to have the printer configured on the network for proper shared use.  The ITS Helpdesk will  provide instructions for printer connectivity and place any appropriate support labels on the printing device.  The personnel of the department to which the printing device belongs will be responsible for keeping the printer supplied with toner, ink, and paper, and other related consumables.

Printer Service and Repair

The scope of printing service and repair covered by The ITS Helpdesk includes but is not limited to: basic troubleshooting and diagnostics, network connectivity issues.  If troubleshooting and diagnostics reveal an issue that is beyond the scope of The ITS Helpdesk capabilities,a third party service provider may need to be contacted.

Please contact Procurement Services at 590-1130 for a list of vendors who are certified for printer repairs.

NOTE:  The department to which the printer belongs will be liable for the cost of maintenance and parts as well as any costs charged by third party support technicians.