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Project or Software Request


A project request is a work request involving technology from Business Technology Services that takes 40 or more work hours to complete.

A software request is any request for software that requires purchasing.

Some projects or software requests may need VP approval depending on risks and complexity of the request.

For requests that do not fall into this category or if you are uncertain, please submit your request via

When a project or software request is submitted, BTS will -

  1. Review the request
  2. Schedule a meeting to collect additional technical information (Approximately 3 weeks)
  3. Review of all technical information to determine project viability (2-4 weeks)
  4. Coordinate with VP’s to prioritize projects against other university initiatives

Submitting a Project or Software Request
• Fill out form completely before submitting

•To facilitate information collection prior to form completion and submission, you may download and print the Project Request Form

Use this link to go to the request form (If you are prompted to log in, use your work email address and network password.  This is the same login screen as accessing email web access, so will look the same.)