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Business Applications

Business Applications

University Network Account


Faculty and Staff 

Account Request Information
If you do not already have an account, or would like to request a new/additional account, or have an account removed, please contact the authorized account requestor for your department from the list of authorized requestors below.

Additional Tools for Account Requesters
Network Services has created an AAR (Authorized Account Requester) handbook which provides guidelines, procedures, and policies on the duties of an AAR.

  • The AAR handbook can be found in your departmental share folder (AAR):
    Network Services will be conducting yearly training to help new and current AAR’s.
    Please contact the Helpdesk if you have any questions.

    General Network Information

    The university's network is meant to be used for research and business purposes. To protect our users some Internet resources may not always be accessible. If you encounter such a resource and it is pertinent to your day to day job, please contact us and we will assist you and make sure you can connect to these resources.

    Wireless Network Information

    FGCU provides university owned faculty and staff devices with additional access via the wireless network . This includes access to file and print services, as well as various other services that are not normally accessible from the public wireless network. For more information on how to connect your university owned device please contact the FGCU Helpdesk at 239-590-1188.

    Remote Network Access
    Faculty/staff and students are able to connect to the university's network from anywhere in the world using a virtual private network (VPN) connection. To connect remotely, please visit and log in with your university username and password.


    Network Services provides Microsoft Exchange based email services for all faculty and staff users of FGCU to conduct their business communications. Along with regular email services, Network Services also provides SPAM filtering for all email headed for staff and faculty inboxes.

    Windows and Mac printing services are available for all faculty and staff users from the wired network as well as the private wireless network. For additional help finding a printer near you, please contact the FGCU Helpdesk at 239-590-1188.

    File Shares
    All departments at FGCU receive pre-allocated space to store their important files and documents on the network. There are different types of shares available:
    • Private department folder, accessible only for users in your department, this share is meant for your private files
    • Public department folder, accessible by users in other departments, this folder is meant for sharing documents your department maintains with other departments on a long term basis
    • Scratch folder, accessible by anyone, used for temporarily storing data. Any content older than 6 months will be deleted
    • Cross department folder, accessible by only some users, these are meant as storage for groups of users that are not in the same department, such as the Staff Advisory Council or the CORE committee.

To request a new share folder, please contact the FGCU Helpdesk at 239-590-1188.


We try our best to provide our users the access to the network that they need with the devices they want to use. Most smart phones running Ios or Android can readily be used on the public wireless network, and are able to access university email systems, as well as other Internet accessible systems. If you find that you are trying to use a system and it is not accessible via the public network, please contact the FGCU Helpdesk at 239-590-1188 and let them know what you are having a problem with.