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Center for Academic Achievement

Center for Academic Achievement

Academic Standing Hold






Center for Academic Achievement

The Center for Academic Achievement is dedicated to assist students to return to and maintain good academic standing. Your academic standing hold has significant impact on funding for college (now and in the future), course registration, and ultimately, your ability to graduate with a degree. The staff of CAA are dedicated to assisting students in their pursuit of Academic Success and Graduation.


Why does a student earn an Academic Standing Hold?

The Academic Standing Hold is placed on a student account by the Office of the Registrar, when a student’s Cumulative Grade Point Average falls below a 2.00.

Details can be reviewed in the Academic Standing Policy.

What is the function of an Academic Standing Hold?

This Academic Hold ONLY prevents a student from the ability to register or make changes to FGCU courses via Gulfline. The Academic Hold can be adjusted to allow for future registration once a student has completed the Academic Hold requirements listed below. The Office of the Registrar will only remove the Academic Hold once the students Cumulative Grade Point Average has reached a 2.00 or higher. Students will be required to complete requirements through the Center for Academic Achievement each semester their Cumulative Grade Point Average is below a 2.00, so that the Academic Hold can continue to be reopened to allow for future registration and to assist in the student pursuit of academic success.

If a student is experiencing other limitations (i.e. unable to view grades) you may have several holds in effect on your account. It is critical to begin efforts towards hold removal promptly to allow processing time for departments, schools and agencies to send required information to remove holds. Most holds restrict students from progressing with registration. Students should familiarize themselves to check holds via GULFLINE: (choose Student & Financial Aid option, then Student Records).

Student Account Hold Key: Common Holds

How does a student with an Academic Standing Hold become eligible to register for FGCU courses?

 Steps for students returning from Academic Suspension (Complete atlast 2 months prior to the semester student wishs to return):

  1. Contact the Center for Academic Achievement to schedule an appointment with an Academic Success Coordinator
  2. Attend the Academic Coaching meeting with an Academic Success Coordinator in the Center for Academic Achievement
  3. Schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor within your individual Academic Advising Department

  SLS 1501 Effective Learning:

First Time in College Students (FTIC) admitted for summer and fall 2017 with an Institutional Cumulative GPA below 2.00 at the close of fall 2017 are required to enroll in SLS 1501 Effective Learning for the spring 2018 term. A First Year Academic Counselor will reach out to these students at the close of the fall 2017 to enroll in the SLS 1501 course. However, students may also contact the advisor before being contacted to enroll in the course after January 5th, 2018. For additional detail please refer to the Academic Standing Policy.


Academic Standing Hold Resources:

Academic Standing Policy Catalog

Grade Forgiveness Policy Catalog 

Eagle Success Program


For more information email, call (239)590-7906, or visit Center for Academic Achievement in LIB 103