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Center for Academic Achievement

Center for Academic Achievement

PAL Mentor Position

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Who is a Peer Academic Leader (PAL)?

A CAA PAL is a student mentor who enriches the academic performance of mentees in and beyond the classroom. As a mentor the PAL will facilitate the development of mentees' self-awareness as a means of both personal and academic success. The PAL is trained to provide guidance, structure, and accountability for mentee students.


Why is a PAL important?

The PALs are an instumental group in the CAA. Best practices support that "a student's most important teacher is often another student" (Evans et al., 2010). A PAL has the opportunity to positively impact the college transition of a peer and help a student develop a sense of identity at FGCU. By being a PAL, you are enhancing the academic expereince and service provided by the CAA to FGCU students.


Qualities of a PAL

The overall qualities of a PAL, is someone who is honest, motivating, and caring. The aim is to keep a mentee invested in the FGCU community to achieve personal and academic success in and beyond the classroom.

A PAL is someone who:

  • Serves as a positive example for students
  • Has a genuine desire to help their peers succeed
  • Encourages and motivates students to persevere and learn from setbacks
  • Assists in knowledge of campus resources
  • Helps students take responsibility and increase accountability
  • Maintains professionalism with faculty, staff, and peers while building a relationship


Benefits of being a PAL
  • Build a relationship and serve as a guide to fellow students
  • Develop leadership and transferable skills in preparation for your future career
  • Establish positive relationships with faculty, staff, and peers
  • Gain an appreciation of collaborative learning
  • Provide awareness of your own academic and personal success
  • Ability to work with diverse groups of people
  • Sense of achievement to see the mentee develop and grow
  • Great experience for a professional resume
  • On-campus employment or service learning opportuntiy

These are just some of the benefits of being a PAL - Apply to join the PAL team to get so much more!


Questions or concerns regarding the PAL position or selection process should be directed to Diane Odeh, Academic Success Coordinator within the Center for Academic Achievement
 Contact Information: LIB West 103, or (239) 590-1857