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Center for Academic Achievement

Center for Academic Achievement

Student Employment Opportunities



Thank you for your interest in becoming a student employee for the Center for Academic Achievement! The Tutor, Supplemental Instruction Leader and Peer Academic Leader positions provide opportunities for leadership and the ability to shape an environment that supports students' academic and personal development.

These positions are crucial to the success of our Department. For this reason, we want to select individuals whose skills, interests, and experiences are best suited for these positions. Review the expectations, duties, benefits, and selection process for each position.

If you are interested in joining the Center for Academic Achievement team, we encourage you to apply!


Peer Academic Leader Position Description

The Center for Academic Achievement will select a group of undergraduate leaders to serve as mentors for the spring semester. The selected PALs will be assigned to an SLS 1501 - Effective Learning course to enrich the academic performance of mentees in and beyond the classroom. As a mentor, the PAL will facilitate the development of mentees' self-awareness as a means of both personal and academic success. The PAL is trained to provide guidance, resources, structure, and accountability for mentee students.


Tutor & SI Leader Position Description

The Center for Academic Achievement selects current FGCU students to serve as peer Tutors & Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leaders. Tutors & SI Leaders offer support for many lower-level math and science courses, business courses, foreign language courses and general psychology. Tutors & SI Leaders are trained to facilitate students' independent learning, build confident learners, and provide support.