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College of Arts and Sciences

College of Arts and Sciences

Neil Wilkinson

Neil WilkinsonInstructor II
Phone: (239) 590-7255
Office: Modular 1 - 22

Neil Wilkinson, is an instructor in the Department of Marine and Ecological Sciences at Florida Gulf Coast University. Wilkinson is currently the president-elect of the Florida Mosquito Control Association. He is an environmental educator with extensive classroom and field teaching experience at the elementary, middle, high, and university levels. He spends half of his time teaching a science outreach program to classes in the local school district. He acts as a liaison between FGCU, the Lee County School District's Environmental Education Program, and the Lee County Mosquito Control District facilitating interagency cooperative and collaborative efforts among students, faculty, and staff. At FGCU he teaches the non-science majors field-based course, Environmental Biology and the University Colloquium, an upper level required course on environmental sustainability. Wilkinson is an affiliate of the FGCU Whitaker Center for STEM Education and a senior faculty associate for the FGCU Center for Environmental and Sustainability Education. His professional interests include exploring methods and practices that make science relevant to students, staying current with mosquito biology and mosquito borne diseases, studying local ecology and global sustainable initiatives. Wilkinson is a committed instructor and believes all of his professional efforts must relate to the needs of his students. He strives to continuously improve his teaching and feels he succeeds not when students score well in his classes but when they go on to learn on their own more deeply about concepts and issues explored throughout the semester. He believes students respond more to the way we behave as teachers than what we teach. His most important goal is to encourage students to work towards creating a healthy, sustainable lifestyle, community, nation, and planet.

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