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College of Arts and Sciences

College of Arts and Sciences

Christopher DiMattina

Assistant Professor, Psychology
Phone: (239) 590-1513
Office: WH 215

I am a computational neuroscientist and experimental vision scientist who is broadly interested in understanding the relationship between perception, the neural code, and the statistical structure of the natural sensory environment. I am currently working closely with colleagues at McGill University modeling visual perception of second-order edges (e.g. contrast edges, texture edges) using statistical machine learning techniques including multi-layer neural networks. I am also interested in developing efficient computational methods for adaptive data collection in neuroscience and perception experiments.

Courses Taught:

  • Physiological Psychology (PSB-4002)
  • Sensation & Perception (EXP-3202)
  • Survey of Analytical Techniques (PSY-3205)

Representative Publications:

  • DiMattina, C. and Zhang, K. (2017). “Adaptive Stimulus Optimization”. In: Jaeger, D. and Jung, R. (Eds.) Encyclopedia of Computational Neuroscience (2nd Ed.). Springer Science (pdf)
  • DiMattina, C. (2016). “Comparing models of contrast gain using psychophysical experiments. Journal of Vision 16(9):1, 1-18.” (pdf)
  • DiMattina, C. (2015). “Fast adaptive estimation of multidimensional psychometric functions”. Journal of Vision 15 (9):5, 1-20. (pdf)
  • DiMattina & Zhang (2013). “Adaptive stimulus optimization for sensory systems neuroscience”. Frontiers in Neural Circuits 7:101, 1-16. (pdf)
  • DiMattina, Fox & Lewicki (2012). “Detecting natural occlusion boundaries using local cues”. Journal of Vision 12(13), 1-21. (pdf)
  • DiMattina Zhang (2011) . “Active data collection for efficient estimation and comparison of nonlinear neural models ”. Neural Computation 23(9), 2243-2288. (pdf)

My Lab:

Organizational Links:

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