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College of Arts and Sciences

College of Arts and Sciences

Todd McElroy

Associate Professor, Psychology
Phone: (239) 745-4290
Office: Modular 1 - 32

My primary areas of research are in Decision Science and Psychology of Physical Activity. I am currently involved in several research projects in decision making but all center on understanding how thinking influences decision making. Overall, I seek to integrate prior theoretical work to develop a more concise view of the decision making process, including automatic and conscious processing. I approach this question by examining both biological and cognitive variables. I am interested in how cognitive factors, such as individual differences in thinking style, memory and unconscious priming influence decisions. From the biological perspective, I am interested in how factors such as sleep, circadian rhythm and glucose interact to help shape decision choice. I also have interest in understanding feelings of regret that people have before and after making decisions. I have a more focused interest in decision framing, especially attribute and risk framing. Finally, I continue to actively pursue a better understanding of how hemispheric processing plays out in the decision making process. In my research that focuses on psychology and physical activity I am currently involved in a project that looks at how a person’s amount of sleep influences their physical activity level.

Courses Taught: Experimental Psychology, Senior Seminar, Social Psychology

Curriculum Vita

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