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College of Arts and Sciences

College of Arts and Sciences

Lyndsay Rhodes

Assistant Professor, Biology
Phone: (239) 590-7244
Office: WH 254


  • Postdoctoral fellowship in Medical Oncology from Tulane University, 2010 - 2014
  • PhD in Biomedical Sciences from Tulane University, 2004 - 2010
  • BS in Biology from Pfeiffer University, 2000 - 2004


Areas of interest include cellular and molecular biology, and cancer biology.

Current Courses

  • PCB 3023C Cell Biology Annually F/S
  • ISC 3120C Scientific Process

Previous Courses

  • BSC 4933 Current Topics
  • BSC 1010C General Biology I


As a cancer biologist, my research focuses on understanding the initiation and progression of breast cancer using in vitro and in vivo experimental techniques. Over the course of my career, my research has spanned many areas including the role of stem cells in the tumor microenvironment, dysregulation of non-coding RNA, transcriptomics and metabolomics alterations in cancer, animal models of breast cancer, and understanding of cell signaling pathways in cancer progression. However, the central theme to my research has remained understanding the interactions driving breast cancer to develop better therapeutics for patient care.

Current research interests include development of natural compounds for cancer and osteoporosis therapy, understanding the role of non-coding RNA networks in cancer regulation, and exploring nanoparticle technology for the potential treatment of breast cancers.

Selected Scholarly Works (* denotes undergraduate author)

  • Thomas Yan, Lyndsay Rhodes, David Miller, Aaron Buechlein, Doug Rusch, Kenneth Nephew, Matthew Burow, Bridgette Collins-Burow, and Elizabeth Martin. Panobinostat induced alterations to microRNA biogenesis and strand selection in triple negative breast cancer, Oncotarget 2017: UNDER REVIEW
  • Adrienne K. Conger, Elizabeth C. Martin, Thomas J. Yan, Lyndsay V. Rhodes, Van T. Hoang, Jacqueline La, Muralidharan Anbalagan, Hope E. Burks, Brian G. Rowan, Kenneth P. Nephew, Bridgette M. Collins-Burow, and Matthew E. Burow. Argonaute 2 expression correlates with a luminal B breast cancer subtype and induces estrogen receptor alpha isoform variation. Non-coding RNA 2016, 2(3): 8.
  • Lyndsay V. Rhodes, Elizabeth C. Martin, H. Chris Segar, David F. B. Miller, Aaron Buechlein, Doug Rusch, Kenneth P. Nephew, Matthew E. Burow, Bridgette M. Collins-Burow. "Dual regulation by microRNA-200b-3p and microRNA-200b*-5p in the inhibition of epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition in triple-negative breast cancer." Oncotarget 2015. IN PRESS
  • Lyndsay V. Rhodes, Chandra R. Tate, Van T. Hoang, Hope E. Burks, Diari Gilliam*, Elizabeth C. Martin, Steven Elliott, David B. Miller, Aaron Buechlein, Douglas B. Rusch, Haixu Tang, Kenneth P. Nephew, Matthew E. Burow, Bridget M. Collins-Burow. "Regulation of triple-negative breast cancer cell metastasis by the tumor suppressor Liver Kinase B1." Oncogenesis 2015. IN PRESS
  • Amy L. Strong, Thomas A. Strong, Lyndsay V. Rhodes, Julie A. Semon, Xiujuan Zhang, Zhenzhen Shi, Shijia Zhang, Jeffrey M. Gimble, Matthew E. Burow and Bruce A. Bunnell. "Obesity associated alterations in the biology of adipose stem cells mediate enhanced tumorigenesis by estrogen dependent pathways." Breast Cancer Research 2013, 15(5): R102. Highly Accessed.

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