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College of Arts and Sciences

College of Arts and Sciences

Myra Mendible

Myra MendibleProfessor
Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies
Phone: (239) 590-7182
Office: RH 209

Professor of English and Interdisciplinary Studies

Ph.D., University of Miami, 1993

Research and Teaching Interests: Cultural Theory, Ethnicity and Race, Media Culture, Literature and Politics, Gender Studies

Myra Mendible joined Florida Gulf Coast University as founding faculty in 1994 and co-founder of the English program (1994-98). She served as English Program Leader (1998-2000), Chair of Language and Literature Department (2008-11), Interim Director of FGCU's Judaic, Holocaust, and Human Rights Studies Center (2011-12) and is currenly an Honors Program Fellow (2013-2017). Dr. Mendible’s scholarship and teaching engage a range of theoretical, disciplinary, and cultural perspectives, with primary interests in media culture, ethnicity and gender, and the politics of emotion. She has published widely in peer-reviewed journals; presented her research in regional, national, and international conferences; and is the editor of three essay collections.

Selected Publications


  • American Shame: Stigma and the Body Politic, Myra Mendible, Editor. Indiana University Press, 2016.
  • Race 2008: Critical Reflections on an Historic Campaign, Myra Mendible, Editor, Brown/Walker Press, 2010.
  • From Bananas to Buttocks: The Latina Body in Popular Film and Culture, Myra Mendible, Editor, University of Texas Press, 2007 (reprinted 2008).

Recent Peer-Reviewed Articles and Book Chapters

  • “Saving Face: Shame, Humiliation, and the Affective Economy of War.” War, Literature, and the Arts. vol. 28, 2016.
  • “Race, Politics, and the Humanities in the Age of ‘Posts.’” special issue of Humanities, Guest Editor Myra Mendible vol. 5, no. 3, 2016.
  • “Scarlet-Letter Politics: Racial Shaming in the Campaign to Unseat President Obama.” Ethnic Studies Review, vol 35, no. 1-2, 2015.
  • “Post-Vietnam Syndrome.” Yellow Peril! An Archive of Anti-Asian Fear. John Kuo Wei Tchen, Ed. London, New York: Verso, 2014. Print.
  • “Literature as Activism: Ninotchka Rosca’s Political Aesthetic.” Journal of Postcolonial Writing Volume 50, Issue 3 (May 2014): 354-367. Print.
  •  “Human Dignity, Humiliation, and the Erosion of the Humanities.” International Journal of the Humanities 9 (2012).
  •  “Race and Politics in the Age of Obama.” Special Issue: “Post-Race America.” Journal of Research in American Civilization [Revue de recherche en civilisation américaine] 3 (2012). Online <>
  • Review of Unsettling the Bildungsroman: Reading Contemporary Ethnic American Women's Fiction by Stella Bolaki Rodopi. Postcolonial Text 7.1 (2012).
  • “A Feral Beauty.” Unspoiled: Writers Speak for Florida's Gulf. Eds. Janisse Ray and Susan Cerulian. Heart of the Earth Press: 2010.
  • “Post Vietnam Syndrome: National Identity, War, and the Politics of Humiliation.” Radical Psychology: A Journal of Psychology and Politics v 7 (Fall 2009). Online archive:
  • "Big Booty and the New Sexual Aesthetic." American Sexuality. National Sexuality Research Center, San Francisco State University (January 6, 2009). (Selected AlterNet’s Top 5 Most Popular Articles of 2009). Online.
  • “Storytelling and the Politics of Exile.”  Telling Stories to Change the World: Voices on Building Community and Claiming Social Justice, Ed. Rickie Solinger. Routledge, 2008. 
  • Chica Flicks: Postfeminism and the Latina American Dream.” Chick Flicks: Contemporary Women at the Movies, Eds. Suzanne Ferriss and Mallory Young. Routledge, 2007
  • “Sexy Señoritas and other Imperial Fantasies: US Foreign Policy, Domestic Fictions, and the Latina Body.” Screening the Past: An International Journal of Media and History 20 (Dec. 2006).
  • “Dominance and Submission in Postmodern War Imagery.” Peace Review: A Journal of Social Justice 17.1 (2006).