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College of Arts and Sciences Advising

College of Arts and Sciences Advising

Transition Workshop


All Freshmen have an Advising Hold added to their student records when they are transitioned from First Year Advising to the College of Arts & Sciences. As they will no longer be seen by First Year Advising, Freshmen must register for and attend a transition workshop where they will be introduced to the advising staff. Once a student has attended a workshop, the Advising Hold will be lifted. Registration for future semesters will be restricted if the hold is still active.

Please review the modules on your CAS Advising community on CANVAS to familiarize yourself with CAS Advising, the Degree Evaluation process and other degree requirements that will assist you in your pursuit of a degree within the College of Arts & Sciences.

Your Advising Hold will be lifted once you complete ALL modules in your CANVAS - CAS Advising community and attend the CAS Advising workshop session.