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Anthropology (B.A.). Program

Anthropology (B.A.). Program

Alison Elgart

Alison ElgartAssociate Professor and Anthropology Program Leader
Phone: (239) 590-7562
Office: WH 251

Education:M.Sc., Ph.D., Cornell University, NY
B.A.: Binghamton University, NY

Selected Publications:Kennedy, K.A.R. and A.A. Elgart. 1998. Hominid Remains an Up-Date.  South Asia: India and Sri Lanka.  Supplement to Anthropologie et Prehistoire, R. Orban and P. Semal (ed.).  Brussels: Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences.
Elgart, A.A. 1999. Physical properties of Gorilla g. beringei foods and implications for masticatory form.  American Journal of Physical Anthropology Supplement 28:124.
Elgart-Berry, A. 2003.   Hypoplastic insults in prehistoric teeth from eight South Florida sites. The Florida Anthropologist  Vol. 56(4):253-266.
Elgart-Berry, A.A.  2004.  Fracture toughness of mountain gorilla (Gorilla gorilla beringei) food plants American Journal of Primatology 62: 275-285.

Research Interests:
Great Ape and human evolution, masticatory biomechanics and southern Florida prehistoric Indians, particularly their paleopathology and nutrition.