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960 Biotechnology (B.S.)

960 Biotechnology (B.S.)

Internship Opportunities


Student in BioLab



The Department of Biological Sciences provides credit-earning opportunities for students to work under the supervision and mentorship with faculty in directed independent research. Students desiring to take part in research should contact faculty directly to discern the availability of faculty to serve as a mentor for a project of interest to a student.


Internships provide for students to earn credit while engaging in an opportunity to work on projects in a community setting in such areas as industry, medical facilities, or field experiences. Students are supervised by a qualified external supervisor and a faculty mentor. Students may secure an internship position that compliments their degree path and seek approval by the department chair. Other internship possibilities will be posted on this site.

Current openings: 

The following Web page lists all the sites, from Puerto Rico to Pittsburgh and Georgia to Hawaii, that are sponsoring Research Experience for Undergraduate (REU) programs with funds from the National Science Foundation (NSF). The specific discipline of each REU is listed, along with a contact you can e-mail for more information.

Interested in science writing? The Argonne National Laboratories Office of Public Affairs Science Writing Internship is for you! Several are offered throughout the year. Check out the following Web site for more information.

The following provides a Web page that lists several internship possibilities as provided by Dr. Michael Palladino, Associate Professor, Monmouth University.