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Campus Ecosystem Model - Photo monitoring

Photo Monitoring

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The campus of Florida Gulf Coast University has undergone many changes since it's inception, some man made, and some natural.Photomonitoring is a useful tool to record these changes in our campus, and our ecosystem, for the years to come. In these seires of pictures, many different processes are visible; from sucession after a disturbance, to the impact of wet and dry seasons, and even construction are all documented in pictures.


Site 11 Site 1 Site 11 Site 2 Site Site Site 22 Site 10 Site 21 Site 12 Site 13 Site 23 Site 3 Site Site 26 Site 27 Site 5 Site 4 Site 6 Site 7 Site 20 Site 18 Site 14 Site 25 Site 8 Site 9 Site 24 Site 19 Site 17 Site 16 Site 28 Site 15


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