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Communication (B.A.)

Communication (B.A.)


  • Communication Studies Concentration
  • Public Relations Concentration

communication & philosophy facultyOffering a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Communication, our program prepares students for success in today’s global community. Whether you plan to enter the workforce right after graduation, or, continue your education and pursue a master’s degree, an undergraduate degree in communication opens the door to abundant and diverse opportunities. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs requiring a communication degree will continue to grow 6 to 7 percent annually between now and 2024. Communication majors are found in public relations, social media, mass communication, print and broadcast media, as well as affiliated industries including higher education, marketing and law.

Students in the Communication program have the opportunity to pursue one of two tracks:

  • Communication Studies
  • Public Relations

Communication Studies
Within the Communication studies track students have the opportunity to explore communication theory and application from numerous perspectives including: human communication, interracial/intercultural communication, interpersonal communication, persuasion and rhetoric. Courses include: Public Speaking, Theories of Human Communication, Critical Race Theory in Communication, Persuasion and propaganda, Rhetorical Criticism and Foundations of Civic Engagement.

Dialogue on RacePublic Relations
Anticipating a career in an industry providing strategic communication for the business and nonprofit sectors, students in the Public Relations track experience an immersive course of instruction focused on developing solid oral and written communication skills. Courses include: Principles of Public Relations, PR Writing, PR Strategy, PR Research, Nonprofit PR and PR Campaigns.



Communication and Philosophy Undergraduate Student Scholars Program (CAPUSS)
The CAPUSS (Communication and Philosophy Undergraduate Student Scholars) program offers students the opportunity to pursue individual academic research under the guidance of a faculty advisor. Students select a topic reflective of their own interests and conduct rigorous research with the expectation of sharing their results through oral presentations and academic publishing.

MLK Jr. Center for Peace Studies and the Center for Civil and Human Rights

Visits to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Peace Studies and the Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta allow Communication and Philosophy students the opportunity to reflect on the Civil Rights movement from its infancy to its relevancy and influence in today’s society. The university-sponsored trip is part of the Communication and Philosophy Undergraduate Student Scholars Program (CAPUSS).