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Dept. of Biological Sciences

Dept. of Biological Sciences



This website is the beginning for you to explore the Department of Biological Sciences degree programs at Florida Gulf Coast University. We have provided you the pathway to review curricular requirements in Biology and Biotechnology for a baccalaureate degree and a biology minor.

Our Bachelor of Arts degree provides an opportunity that combines a sound science education with a liberal arts interdisciplinary core. The Bachelor of Science in Biology has rigorous concentrations designed for specific avenues in a biological science education. Our biotechnology degree program is one of the very few in the US and prepares you for a concentrated education in the cellular and molecular areas of biology with hands-on experiences in methodology. We offer a Biology minor for those seeking an additional emphasis to another degree. In addition career avenue exploration, internship information, special programs for medical education, and undergraduate internship and research opportunities are on the website.

Our exceptional faculty is our department foundation. The faculty provide you opportunities to work with them in directed independent research. Imagine working along side research faculty as they pursue discovery in many different realms of biological science!

Our classroom courses are strengthened by hands-on in laboratory experiences within courses in the curriculum. Internship opportunities provide you insight into careers within the community. Your progress through your coursework is strengthened by continued interaction with the biological science faculty.

We look forward to you joining us for your educational journey.


Animals in the wild