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Department of Language and Literature

Department of Language and Literature

Foreign Languages


Learn with us: Welcome to our foreign language division and congratulations on making languages part of your academic career!

Mission statement: The mission of FGCU Foreign Language Division is to develop students’ knowledge of foreign languages, literatures, and cultures. In keeping with FGCU’s mission to encourage lifelong learning, critical thinking, and civic responsibility, we want to provide our students with the tools to embrace diversity and be prepared for a global economy and multicultural world.

Languages and classes offered:

We offer Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced classes in:

    • Spanish
    • French
    • German

We offer Beginning level classes in:

    • Chinese

If you have already studied foreign languages before, take advantage of furthering your knowledge of the language(s) by placing into higher-level classes. No need to take beginning classes if you have already passed those classes at previous institutions.


With as few as 18 credit hours (including Beginning and Intermediate classes), you can minor in:

Study abroad:

Succeed with us:

Fun facts: language learning…

    • can benefit all students
    • correlates with higher academic performance (higher scores on SAT and ACT tests)
    • increases students’ ability to hypothesize in science
    • is beneficial in the development of reading abilities
    • enhances cognitive development

(, What research shows)

Service learning opportunities: Some foreign language classes will offer you the opportunity to fulfill service-learning hours.

Stay connected: Keep in touch with the latest news and events going on. You can find us on Facebook at


More info coming soon!


Open to all students seeking cross-cultural enrichment opportunities!

    • French table: 11 to 12pm, every first Wednesday of the month at Einsteins, and a monthy Soirée at Bon Appétit French Bistro -Miromar Outlets
    • Spanish table and Kaffee Stunde also offered. Check with your instructors.
    • 5th Annual French Film Festival, Presented by: Department of Language and Literature, the French Club and MyFrenchFilmFestival


Delphine Gras (, Foreign Language Program Leader