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Department of Chemistry and Mathematics

Department of Mathematics


Welcome to the Department of Mathematics. The Department offers both a Bachelors of Arts in Mathematics (B.A.) and a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics (B.S.). In addition a Masters of Science in Mathematics (M.S.) is offered. We also have minors in Mathematics and Statistics.

Mathematics reaches across many disciplines, so in our classes one will find majors in Psychology, Biology, Engineering, Education, Business and Chemistry, to name a few. Our majors enjoy working closely with their professors on classroom work, independent study, and now more frequently, our majors are involved in undergraduate research. The coursework is designed to provide a solid foundation upon which to build a career.

Our learned faculty members are more than happy to discuss areas of mutual interest, whether it be the courses they teach, a design for study, or new approaches to research. Please browse through our website, investigate, plan, aspire, and contact us.

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