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English (M.A.)

English (M.A.)

Learning Outcomes


Learning Outcomes for Graduate Students

Students who complete the English (MA) Program will demonstrate significant progress towards the following learning outcomes:

  1. Professional and Continual Learning:
    1. the ability to express a scholarship-based understanding of several canonical and marginal authors and works in literature in their appropriate cultural, aesthetic, and/or historic contexts
    2. the ability to apply appropriate critical approaches in Literary Studies
    3. the ability to conduct professional Literary Research and Scholarship, using relevant resources and databases, that will foster continuing inquiry
  2. Critical and Creative Thinking Skills:
    1. the ability to construct significant analyses of texts in their relevant contexts
    2. the ability to perform literary analyses that cross disciplinary boundaries, that add to scholarly understanding, or that provide challenging perspectives

  3. Effective Communication:
    1. the ability to compose convincing and professionally-informed written works
    2. the ability to produce conference-level presentations
  4. Ethical Responsibility and Professional Leadership Skills:
    1. the ability to analyze various ethical and professional issues that emanate from Literary scholarship
    2. the ability to synthesize diverse perspectives and values that inform literary works and their reception and audiences