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History Program

History Program

Learning Outcomes


Graduates of the program will be able to

  1. Express a scholarship-based understanding of key historiographical theories and philosophies, and their application to a variety of historical subject matters.
  2. Evaluate and deconstruct a range of historical texts.
  3. Conduct advanced historical research and scholarship, using relevant resources and databases that will foster continuing enquiry.
  4. Engage in historical research and apply that research in writing.
  5. Think systemically about society, politics, and culture.
  6. Analyze and evaluate historical texts, including primary and secondary sources, in a complex manner.
  7. Demonstrate knowledge of historical theories and philosophies through their own writing and research.
  8. Perform advanced historical research that engages with interdisciplinary perspectives, adds to scholarly understanding, or provides challenging perspectives.
  9. Create sophisticated and professionally informed written works and to employ prose that is clear and effective.
  10. Advance research ideas and findings in an oral fashion.
  11. Analyze various ethical and professional issues that emanate from historical scholarship.
  12. Synthesize diverse perspectives and values that inform historical works and their reception and audiences.
  13. Use the intellectual tools necessary for leadership and participation in global civic culture.