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History Program

History Program

Faculty Achievements


Our faculty are dedicated to engaging in the historiographical debates in their respective fields and contributing to the scholarly community. Please see the individual profiles for a complete list of faculty publications and conference proceedings.



Melodie Eichbauer, "Medieval Inqusitorial Procedure: Procedural Rights and the Question of Due Process in the Thirteenth Century," History Compass 12/1 (2014): 72-83.

Melodie Eichbauer, "Challenging Our Understanding of Causae 23-26 in Gratian's Decretum as the Causae hereticorum," paper presented at the  19th Biennial New College Conference on Medieval & Renaissance Studies, 6-8 March 2014.

Melodie Eichbauer was invited to participate in the summer seminar "Reform & Renewal in Medieval Rome" (23 June–26 July) funded by the National Endowments for the Humanties, directed by Maureen C. Miller (University of California, Berkeley) and William L. North (Carleton College), and held at the American Acamedy in Rome.

Melodie Eichbauer received first honorable mention for the Snyder Prize for the most outstanding paper presented by a junior scholar at the 19th Biennial New College Conference on Medieval & Renaissance Studies (Sarasota, FL), 6-8 March 2014.

Paul Bartrop and Steven Jacobs (eds.), Modern Genocide: Understanding Causes and Consequences, from ABC-CLIO's suite of Solutions online curriculum resources, has been honored with 2014 Best Education Software (BESSIE) Awards in the Best Social Studies websites for High School categories. The BESSIES are sponsored by The ComputED Gazette and recognize outstanding and innovative programs and websites that help educators facilitate a richer educational experience through technology.

Nicola Foote and Charles (billY) Gunnels (Biology) won the Presidential Award for Best Faculty Oral Presentation for their paper "Historical Zoology: Development of a Novel Multi-disciplinary Approach to Study and Biology of Human-Animal Interactions," FGCU Research Day, April 2014.

Melodie Eichbauer won the Junior Faculty Teaching Excellence Award 2013-2014, FGCU.



Paul Bartrop, a senior member of the Academic Advisory Board of the on-line database Modern Genocide: Understanding Causes and Consequences and one of its lead authors, is delighted to announce that earlier today (10/1) the database was honored with a 2013 Education Software Review (EDDIE) Award. It was for the category of Best High School Social Studies Website. The database can be found at: This is the first award win for Modern Genocide since its release in March. It has received many positive reviews, and we look forward to more awards for this product in the near future! For more information on this award and to view the full list of winners, visit:

Melodie H. Eichbauer is the co-editor of the Lectiones Propriae in Codice Sangallensi 673 Repertae to the Decretum Gratiani: First Recension, ed. Anders Winroth. Project supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Yale University, and the Stephan Kuttner Institute of Medieval Canon Law.

Paul Bartrop,"Getting the Terminology Right: Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing, and Crimes against Humanity in Biafra," inThe Nigeria-Biafra War: Genocide and the Politics of Memory, ed. Chima J. Korieh (Amherst, NY: Cambria Press, 2012), 43-59.

Nicola Foote, "Deconstructing the Language of Motherhood," A Contracorriente: A Journal of Social History and Literature in Latin America 10/3 (2013): 493-504.

Melodie Eichbauer, "Gratian's Decretum and the Changing Historiographical Landscape," History Compass 11/12 (2013): 1111-1125.

Eric Strahorn, “The Indus River Basin in the 21st Century,” in Robert M. Hathaway and Michael Wills (eds.), Managing New Security Challenges in Asia (The Woodrow Wilson Center Press/Johns Hopkins University Press, 2013).

Irvin D.S. Winsboro with Joe Knetsch , “Florida Slaves, the ‘Saltwater Railroad’ to the Bahamas, and Anglo-American Diplomacy,” Journal of Southern History,vol. 74, no. 1 (February 2013), 51-78.

Paul Bartrop"'The past still haunts me today:' Reading Survivor Accounts of Genocide from a Safe Distance," paper presented at Genocide Studies: Sound, Image, Archive Conference, University of Newcastle, England, 8 November 2013.

Paul Bartrop presented the Icelandic Holocaustmovie Tar ur Steini (Tears of Stone), with an introduction and discussion to follow, at the Jewish Holocaust Museum and Research Center in Melbourne, Australia, 31 October 2013.

Paul Bartrop, "The Bitter-Sweet Jew in Holocaust Movies: Genghis Cohn, the Jewish Barber, and Shlomo the Idiot," paper presented at the Midwest Jewish Studies Association Conference, Chicago, IL, 20–21 October 2013.

Paul Bartrop,"The Ambiguities of Compliance: Developing Nazi Antisemitism as a Civic Good," paper presented at the Middle Tennessee State University International Conference in Holocaust Studies: Global Perspectives on the Holocaust, Murfreesboro, TN, 15–18 October 2013.

Melodie H. Eichbauer, “Navigating Murky Waters: Gratian’s Understanding of Reform Principles,” paper presented in the session “Letters and Law in the Long Twelfth Century: Correspondence and the Application of Church Law in Medieval Society” sponsored by the Stephan Kuttner Institute of Medieval Canon Law at the 48th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University, 9–13 May 2013.

Eric Strahorn, "Flood Control in the Himalayas: A Preliminary History of Futility," paper presented at and awarded travel grant to "Disasters Wet and Dry: Rivers, Floods, and Droughts in World History," sponsored jointly by the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society, LMU Munich, and the Center for Ecological History, Renmin University of China, 23-26 May 2013.

Nicola Foote is the recipient of the 2013 FGCU Multidisciplinary Research Initiative Award.

Nicola Foote was awarded a fellowship at the Institute for the Study of the Americas in London to conduct research on her monographThe Galapagos Islands, Science and Modernity: State Formation and National Identity in Ecuador, 1830-present.



Nicola Foote and Nadya Popov (University of West Georgia) organized an international conference entitled Civilians and Warfare in World History on the FGCU campus February 23-25. This conference examined the experiences of civilians in warfare in broad comparative chronological, disciplinary and regional focus. Studies of war have conventionally focused on soldiers and armies – on battle, and on those most visibly seen to be doing the “fighting.” However, this emphasis has begun to shift in recent years. In the discipline of history, the “new military history” has prompted deeper engagement with the broader social meaning of war. Panels explored the shifting and ambiguous distinctions between civilians and soldiers in various combat situations; the role of non-combatants within the armed forces; civilian life during wartime; attacks on civilians and their consequences; and the shifts in social and political structures and in identity formation that emerge from civilian experiences of war.

Paul Bartrop, A Biographical Encyclopaedia of Contemporary Genocide: Portraits of Evil and Good (ABC-CLIO, 2012).

Nicola Foote, ed.The Caribbean History Reader (Routledge, 2012).

Nicola Foote and Rene Harder Horst, eds. Military Struggle and Identity Formation in Latin America: Race, Nation and Community, 1850-1950, 2nd ed. (University Press of Florida, 2012) was nominated for the Society for Military History Distinguished Book Award.

Paul Bartrop, “Genocide, Rape and the Movies,” in Rape: Weapon of War and Genocide. eds. Carol Rittner and John K. Roth (St. Paul, MN: Paragon House, 2012), pp.

Paul Bartrop, “Massacre and the Movies: Soldier Blue and the Sand Creek Massacre of 1864,” in Kristi M. Wilson and Tomas Crowder-Taraborrelli, eds,, Film and Genocide (University of Wisconsin Press, 2012), pp. 109-212.

Melodie H. Eichbauer, “From the First to the Second Recension: The Progressive Evolution of the Decretum,” Bulletin of Medieval Canon Law, vol. 29 (2012), pp. 119-167.

Melodie H. Eichbauer, “Select Bibliography of Essays and Books for 2010-2011.” Bulletin of Medieval Canon Law, vol. 29 (2012), pp. 251-268.

Paul Bartrop, “When Good Breaks Out during Genocide: Case Studies of Heroic Acts in the Face of Evil,” Jewish Holocaust Centre, Melbourne, 1 August.

Paul Bartrop, “When Good Breaks Out during Genocide: Case Studies of Heroic Acts in the Face of Evil,” paper presented at 3rd Global Conference on Genocide, International Network of Genocide Scholars, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA, June 28-July 1.

Paul Bartrop, “The Wannsee Conference: A Decision, or a Confirmation?”, paper presented at 42nd Annual Scholars’ Conference on the Holocaust and the Churches, Monroe Community College, Rochester, NY, 12-14 May.

Paul Bartrop, “The Seventh Cross (1944) and the Cinematic Concentration Camp,” paper presented at Western Jewish Studies Association Annual Conference, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR, 25-26 March.

Erik Carlson, "The Theodore Roosevelt Administration and the Rise of U.S. Army Aeronautics, 1905-1909," paper presented at the Theodore Roosevelt Conference, Louisiana State University-Shreveport, 18-20 October 2012.

Erik Carlson, "Two Kinds of Civilians: American Encounters with Civilians on Kerama Retto and Ie Shima," paper presented at the Civilians and Warfare in World History Conference, FGCU, 23-25 February.

Frances Davey, “Women and Witchcraft in 17th-Century England,” paper presented at the Common Book Project Faculty Lecture Series, Fairmont State University, April.

Melodie H. Eichbauer, "'So Jesus was a Cracker'?: Teaching Medieval Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy at a State University," paper presented in the session "Subversive Christianities in the 21st Century College Classroom" at the 28th Biennial Conference on Faith and History, Gordon College (MA), 4–6 October.

Melodie H. Eichbauer, “The Teaching of Substantive Law in Causae 22–26 of Gratian’s Decretum,” paper presented at the XIV International Congress of Medieval Canon Law, Saint Michael's College in the University of Toronto, 5-11 August.

Melodie H. Eichbauer, “Reform Ideology and the Teaching of Substantive Law in Causae 22–26 of Gratian’s Decretum,” paper presented in the special session “Re-thinking Reform: Law and Change in the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries” at the 47th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University, 10-13 May.

Melodie H. Eichbauer, "The Bishop with Two Hats: Substantive Law and the Balancing of Episcopal versus Military Obligations in Gratian'sDecretum," paper presented at the Civilians and Warfare in World History Conference, FGCU, 23-25 February.

Nicola Foote, “Evangelization and Domesticity: Missionaries and the Politics of Race, Gender and Nation in Amazonian Ecuador, 1895-1965,” paper presented at the Latin American Studies Association International Congress, San Francisco, CA, 26–26 May.

Nicola Foote, “War, Civilians, and the Formation of Ethnic and National Identities in Modern Latin America: Blackness and Violence in the Northern Andes,”paper presented at the Civilians and Warfare in World History: An International Conference, Florida Gulf Coast University, 23–25 February.

Nicola Foote, “Legislating Blackness: Afro-Ecuadorians and Debt Peonage Reform in Liberal Ecuador,” paper presented at the American Historical Association Annual Meeting, Chicago, 5–8 January.

Eric Strahorn, “Damming the Himalayas: Assessing the Eco-friendliness of Large Damns in SAARC's Growth Quadrangle,” paper presented at the “Thinking Mountains 2012 Interdisciplinary Mountain Studies Conference,” Canadian Mountain Studies Initiative, University of Alberta, Edmonton, 11-14 December 2012.

Irvin D.S. Winsboro, "Florida's Black Freedom Struggle: Deep, Rich, and Often Neglected," guest lecture at the Ringhaver Center, Flagler College, St. Augustine, FL, 14 September 2012.

Paul Bartrop was named a member of the Board of the Midwest Jewish Studies Association.

Melodie H. Eichbauer was awarded a Heckman Stipend to conduct research on the monograph in progress “Gratian’s Oath Twelfth-Century Ecclesiology amid Changing Social Norms” at the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library, Saint John’s University (Collegeville, Minnesota).

Irvin D.S. Winsboro was honored as a featured author of the year at the Florida Heritage Book Festival Book Festival and Writers Conference, Flagler College, St. Augustine, FL, 13-15 September, 2012.



Paul Bartrop with Steven Leonard Jacobs, Fifty Key Thinkers on the Holocaust and Genocide (Routledge, 2011).

Melodie H. Eichbauer and Kenneth Pennington, eds., Law as Profession and Practice in Medieval Europe: Essays Dedicated to James Brundage (Ashgate/Variorum, 2011).

Nicola Foote, ed., The Caribbean History Reader and Sourcebook (Routledge, 2011).

Irvin D.S. Winsboro, ed., Florida's Freedom Struggle: The Black Experience From Colonial Times to the New Millennium (Florida Historical Society Press, 2011).

Paul Bartrop, “‘Almost indescribable and unbelievable:’ The Garrett Report and the Future of Jewish Refugee Immigration to Australia in 1939,” Journal of Ecumenical Studies, Vol. 46, no. 4 (Fall 2011), pp. 549-556.

Erik Carlson, "Learning to Fly Above Central Texas: Pilot Training at Rich Field, 1917-1918,” The Journal of America’s Military Past, Vol. XXXV, no. 3 (Fall 2011): pp. 32-43.

Melodie H. Eichbauer,“Introduction,” in Kenneth Pennington and Melodie H. Eichbauer, eds., Law as Profession and Practice in Medieval Europe: Essays Dedicated to James Brundage (Ashgate/Variorum, 2011), pp. 1-7.

Melodie H. Eichbauer, “Bibliography of James A. Brundage’s Published Works,” in Kenneth Pennington and Melodie H. Eichbauer, eds., Law as Profession and Practice in Medieval Europe: Essays Dedicated to James Brundage (Ashgate/Variorum, 2011), pp. 387-415.

Irvin D.S. Winsboro, “Florida’s Troubling and Violent Racial Past,” in Irvin D.S. Winsboro, ed., Florida’s Freedom Struggle: The Black Experience from Colonial Time to the New Millennium (Florida Historical Society Press, 2011), pp. 265–279.

Irvin D.S. Winsboro with William Mack, “Blue Water, Brown Water, and Confederate Disloyalty: The Peculiar and Personal Naval Conflict in South Florida during the Civil War,” Florida Historical Quarterly, Vol. 90, no. 2 (2011): pp. 34-60

Paul Bartrop, “The Kristallnacht as Seen from Australia, November 1938,” Annual Ida E. King Memorial Lecture, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, 10 November.

Paul Bartrop, Keynote Address, Assyrian Genocide Martyrs’ Commemoration, Melbourne, 14 August.

Paul Bartrop, “Adolf Eichmann at the Movies: An Examination of Film Portrayals of Eichmann and their Significance,” paper presented at Midwest Jewish Studies Association Annual Conference, Oakland University, Michigan, 23-24 October.

Paul Bartrop, “Holocaust Studies and Genocide Studies: Is there a Difference? And if, so, Why,” paper presented at 10th International Holocaust Studies Conference, Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, Tennessee, 19-22 October.

Paul Bartrop, “'Action Equals Intent:’ The Equation of Criminal Actions with the Issue of Intention, An Historical Perspective,” paper presented at “A Contextual View of Genocidal Intent” Conference, University of Leicester, Leicester, United Kingdom, 21-23 September.

Paul Bartrop,“The Question of Genocide in the Nineteenth Century: Warrigal Creek, A Case Study,” paper presented at Aftermath: Holocaust Survivors in Australia, 2nd Annual Dr Jan Randa Conference in Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Australian Centre for Jewish Civilisation, Monash University, Melbourne, 5-6 June.

Paul Bartrop,“A Landscape of Desolation: Francesco Rosi’s The Truce,” paper presented at Western Jewish Studies Association Conference, San Diego, California, 10-11 April.

Paul Bartrop,“The Nuremberg Trials, 1945-1946: What was Really on Trial? Nuremberg from a Historian’s View,” paper presented at 31st Annual Conference on the Holocaust and Genocide, Millersville University, Pennsylvania, 7-8 April.

Paul Bartrop,“Political Realism, Sovereignty and Intervention: Is Genocide Prevention Really Possible in a World of Nation States?”, paper presented at Genocide and Mass Atrocities in the Asia-Pacific: Legacies and Prevention, Asia-Pacific Centre for the Responsibility to Protect, University of Queensland, 21-22 March.

Frances Davey, “Is Jamie Lee Curtis a Man? Sex and Gender: Biology and Fashion,” paper presented with Dr. Pamela Huggins at the Women’s Studies Colloquium, Fairmont State University, March.

Frances Davey, “Toilet Rooms and Rustling Frou Frou: Factory Women, Clothing, and the Management of Menstruation,” paper presented at the Women’s Studies Colloquium, Fairmont State University, February.

Melodie H. Eichbauer,“Law and Marriage: Twelfth-Century Canon Law and Social Realities,” paper presented at the special session “Reading Legal Sources” at the 46th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University, 12-15 May.

Nicola Foote, “International Discourses of Domesticity in Ecuador: Race, Gender and the Home in Missionary Work and Modernization Projects, 1900-1960,” paper presented at the annual conference of the American Historical Association, Boston, January.

Eric Strahorn,“The Tentative First Steps in the Creation of a Himalayan Hydroelectricity Market Between Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, and Nepal” paper presented at the Regulation, Private Sector Authority and Market Building in Asia, Singapore, 27-28 October.

Paul Bartrop was awarded the Assyrian Community of Victoria Excellence Award.

Frances Davey was named a Improving Student Learning Effects (ISLE) Grants Program Recipient, Fairmont State University.

Melodie Eichbauer was awarded a postdoctoral stipendium from the Max-Planck-Institut für europäische Rechtsgeschichte in Frankfurt am Main, Germany for her project on Causae 22-26 of Gratian's Decretum as a tract on feudal fidelity and obedience as it applies to papal hegemony.

Nicola Foote was awarded a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities summer stipend for her project entitled Citizenship and Redemption: A History of Race, Gender and Nation in Liberal Ecuador.

Eric Strahorn was awarded a travel grant to Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore, to present at the workshop on “Regulation, Private Sector Authority and Market Building in Asia," October.

Irvin D.S. Winsboro was named the Senior Faculty Scholar Excellence at Florida Gulf Coast University, 2011/2012.

Irvin D.S. Winsboro was awarded the Florida Historical Society’s Stetson Kennedy Book Award 2011 for Florida’s Freedom Struggle: The Black Experience in Florida From Colonial Time to the New Millennium.