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Marine Science (B.S.)

Marine Science (B.S.)



The undergraduate program in Marine Science integrates traditional scientific disciplines by focusing them on the study of the world's oceans and coastal waters.

This interdisciplinary program combines aspects of biology, chemistry, geology, mathematics, and physics in order to provide a well grounded education in the natural sciences, and it applies a systems approach to identifying and understanding the roles that the oceans play in the functioning of our planet.

Marine Science is designed to train students so that they can obtain jobs related to science and technology in both government and industry, jobs as educators in the natural and environmental sciences, and jobs in the expanding environmental field. Students completing the degree program will also be prepared for further graduate studies in a variety of sciences. Since the Marine Science major employs concepts from many different scientific disciplines, students entering the program should already have had an introductory exposure to geology, biology, physics, chemistry, and mathematics. After completion of the interdisciplinary core of courses, the Marine Science program offers students a great deal of flexibility for individualized program design.

Students Surveying on the beach