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The Math (B.S.) Program

The Math (B.S.) Program



Mathematics is essentially the general study of number and pattern. As a separate and self-contained discipline it has a rich history, worthy purpose, and noble esthetic. Linked to the sciences and related disciplines, it unlocks their potential to improve the human condition by providing a universal language to express conjecture, fact, and ultimately understanding. A mathematical education is unique in its focus on rigorous logic, analytical thinking, and problem-solving skill, all habits of mind which are prized in the practical world.

The Bachelor of Science degree will provide a more intensive exposure to the technical aspects of the discipline than the Bachelor of Arts degree. The Bachelor of Science degree will appeal to those students who are candidates for graduate study in mathematics, science, or engineering, or who wish to trade some of the formal interdisciplinary content of the BA degree for a more concentrated mathematics curriculum.

The B.S. in Mathematics program provides opportunities for students to develop general analytical and problem solving skills and gain specific, in-depth knowledge in certain areas of mathematics. The world is rapidly becoming more quantitative, and mathematicians and statisticians are in increasing demand in a wide range of fields, including business, agriculture, computer science, communications, engineering, environmental studies, government, and the natural and social sciences. Students study up-to-date discoveries in mathematics that are being used in modern theory and applications, making use of the latest technological tools for investigating mathematical and statistical concepts and problems. Students practice solving real-world problems.

The mathematics major allows students to participate in undergraduate research in mathematics and other related fields. Some mathematics majors receive a stipend as tutors and lab assistants.

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