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Mathematics M.S. Program

Mathematics M.S. Program

Program Requirements


Program Requirements for 2018-2019 Catalog Year

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Program Progression and Additional Graduation Requirements
  • All core courses must be passed with a minimum grade of B (not B minus) or "Satisfactory" (out of Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory), as applicable
  • All elective courses must be passed with a minimum grade of C (not C minus) or "Satisfactory" (out of Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory), as applicable.
  • Successful completion of comprehensive exam(s).
  • Application to graduate must be submitted online to CAS Advising prior to the deadline given in the FGCU academic calendar.
  • A maximum of 9 credit hours may be transferred from another institution to apply towards the 36 credit hours required for the M.S. Mathematics. Requests for transfer of credit hours are subject to the approval of the Graduate Program Coordinator. Graduate credits of an appropriate nature earned at FGCU by students prior to formal acceptance into the M.S. Mathematics program may be applied towards the degree requirement on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the Graduate Program Coordinator.

Program Requirements
  1. Core Requirements (27 credits)
    MAA 5228 Modern Analysis I (3)
    MAA 5229 Modern Analysis II (3)
    MAP 5316 Differential Equations I (3)
    MAP 6436 Topics in Applied Mathematics (3)
    MAS 5145 Advanced Linear Algebra (3)
    MAS 5311 Modern Algebra I (3)
    MAS 5312 Modern Algebra II (3)
    MAT 6930 Research Seminar (3)
    STA 5355 Appl Mathematical Statistics (3)

  2. Electives (9 credits)
    Select 9 credits:
    EDG 6356 Inst Models and Strategies (3)
    MAA 5406 Complex Analysis I (3)
    MAD 5206 Applied Combinatorics I (3)
    MAE 6336 Math Med: 6-12 (3)
    MAP 5317 Differential Equations II (3)
    MAS 5215 Number Theory (3)
    MAT 5932 Special Topics Math (1-3)
    MAT 6907 Directed Individual Study (1-4)
    MHF 5107 Set Theory (3)
    MHF 5306 Mathematical Logic (3)
    MHF 5405 History of Mathematics (3)
    MTG 5217 Foundations of Geometry (3)
    MTG 5316 General Topology (3)