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Music Programs

Music Programs



Membership in all university ensembles is available both to music majors and non-music majors. Music major auditions for ensembles occur at the time of a student’s audition for the program. All ensembles perform in concert at least once each spring and fall term, sometimes alone and sometimes in collaboration with other ensembles. All ensembles are committed to high standards of rehearsal, study and performance. Auditions for non-majors are scheduled by contacting the conductor of the specific ensemble.

String/Symphony Orchestra

The String Orchestra performs music from all genres and time periods. Chamber music experiences are available for members of this ensemble. The String Orchestra and Wind Orchestra combine to form a 50-piece Symphony Orchestra. Conductor: Dr. Kyle Szabo,

University Choir and Chamber Singers

Choral ensembles are open to all students on campus regardless of major. And since studies show that college students in music ensembles outperform their peers in academic standings, we WANT everyone in our groups!

The University Choir is a large ensemble of mixed voices and is open to all students. No experience or audition is required. Register for MUN 1310 - University Choir and come the first day ready to sing. Questions should be directed to Dr. Trent Brown.

The Chamber Choir is a select ensemble of mixed voices. The ensemble performs frequently. An audition is required and can be scheduled by contacting Conductor: Dr. Trent Brown,

Concert Bands

The Bower School of Music offers a wide variety of Concert Bands such as Wind Orchestra [auditioned], Symphonic Band [non-auditioned, part placement] and Chamber Winds. Members get an opportunity to read the latest in concert band literature and perform with guest conductors and soloists. This is an excellent opportunity to continue valuable high school musical training and to further develop your talents in musical performance. Be a part of a truly rewarding experience! Conductor(s): Mr. Troy Jones,

Basketball Band

The Basketball Band performs at many of the FGCU men's and women's basketball games and is an integral part of the excitement that is FGCU Basketball. This auditioned ensemble performs pop, rock and jazz ranging from Big Band to today's contemporary favorites.: Mr. Troy Jones,

New Student FAQ's

Why should I join an FGCU Music Ensemble?
• To belong to a musical group whose performance standards are highly professional.
• To be a pioneer the new Florida Gulf Coast University Bower School of Music.
• To perform music written by some the world’s finest composers.
• To become an important part of a program of excellence that is respected by the entire campus.
• To meet and develop relationships with students from many majors who share the same interests.
• To continue your musical development.
• Because it is FUN!!!

What can I expect?
The instrumental ensembles rehearse for 2 hours on Tuesdays and Thursday and receive 1 hour of academic credit. The String Orchestra meets at 11:00 AM and the Wind Orchestra [BAND!] rehearses at 12:00 PM.

The University Choir rehearses 90 minutes on Monday and Wednesday at 3:30 PM. The ensemble performs twice a semester. There are very few [one per semester] required rehearsals outside the scheduled class time, although occasionally students get together to do a sectional.

Do I play or sing well enough to perform with one of the ensembles?
We make every effort to accept as many students as possible in our music ensembles. If a student was a part of his/her high school ensemble, s/he will be ready to become a part of a college ensemble. Vocal students can contact Dr. Trent Brown, Choral Conductor if they have questions. Or simply register for University Choir (MUN 1310)! Instrumentalists will audition for Dr. Kyle Szabo.

Around 80% of the members are non-music majors and these students are a very important part of the organizations. With over 70 participants, the ensembles are already some of the most visible student organizations on campus. There are more than 15 different majors represented, so music majors are not the only ones who participate. We feel the mixture of students from virtually every school or department on campus makes the experience more exciting and diverse.

Will participation interfere with my schoolwork?
As with any college activity, you will be responsible for keeping track of your time and keeping up with all your schoolwork. Plan ahead - you can do it! The camaraderie and friendships made when making music will last a lifetime. Remember, your freshman year is the best time to start participating. Membership in these ensembles allows you to become quickly acclimated into university campus life from the beginning of classes.

Must I sign up for an ensemble as a class when I register?
Yes! Absolutely everyone who participates must be registered for that particular ensemble at FGCU. There are no exceptions to this University policy. Then, they may sign up for Symphonic Band [MUN 1120], Strings [MUN 1240] or University Choir [MUN 1310]. All students who register will receive one hour of credit and a letter grade.

And Finally....How do I become a member?
Complete the Prospective Student Form immediately and keep the class time open. In mid-July we will send you a mailing that should answer all of your questions regarding auditions. If you have questions not answered here, please call 239-590-7188. If you have questions not answered here, please contact Dr. Kyle Szabo at 

It is with all sincerity that we welcome you to our FGCU family. We are certain that the next several years will be the most exciting and productive time of your life. The music ensembles embody everything that is wonderful about college - great music, pride, tradition, school spirit, and life-long friendships! We hope that you will make plans to be part of these outstanding organizations.



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