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Music Programs

Music Programs

Program Requirements for 2018-2019 Catalog Year

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The General Education Program Website is located at

Program Progression and Additional Graduation Requirements

In addition to the program requirements, students must complete the following:

  • Enroll in a large ensemble (1 credit) every semester they are enrolled in an applied lesson.
  • A minimum of 120 credits.
  • A minimum of 48 of the 120 credits must be at the upper division (3000 - 4999) level.
  • A cumulative GPA of 2.0 for all coursework attempted at FGCU.
  • Satisfaction of College-Level Skills, and foreign language entrance requirements.
  • Satisfaction of the Service Learning requirement (See
  • Completion of the summer course enrollment requirement.
  • Of the last 60 credits, a minimum of 32 credits must be at FGCU, including 12 credits in the major.
  • Submit an online Application for Graduation via Gulfline by the deadline listed in the FGCU Academic Calendar.

Program Requirements

To prevent or minimize excess hours, select general education courses that satisfy common prerequisite requirements for your intended major.

  1. FGCU General Education Program (

  2. Common Prerequisites
    A minimum grade of C is required in each course

    FGCU Course: Choose 4 credits with a prefix of MUN (1 credit per semester) (4)
    Acceptable Substitute: MUNXXXX

    FGCU Course: MUT 1111 Music Theory I (3)
    Acceptable Substitute: MUTX111 or MUTX121

    FGCU Course: MUT 1112 Music Theory II (3)
    Acceptable Substitute: MUTX112 or MUTX122

    FGCU Course: MUT 2116 Music Theory III (3)
    Acceptable Substitute: MUTX116 or MUTX126

    FGCU Course: MUT 2117 Music Theory IV (3)
    Acceptable Substitute: MUTX117 or MUTX127

    FGCU Course: (MUT 1241 Aural Skills I (1) and MUT 1242 Aural Skills II (1) and MUT 2246 Aural Skills III (1) and MUT 2247 Aural Skills IV (1))
    Acceptable Substitute: [(MUTX241 and MUTX242 and MUTX246 and MUTX247) or (MUTX221 and MUTX222 and MUTX226 and MUTX227) or (MUTX271 and MUTX272 and MUTX276 and MUTX277)]

    FGCU Course: Choose 4 credits of Freshman Applied Music (2 credits per semester) (4)
    Acceptable Substitute: MVxXX1X

    FGCU Course: Choose 4 credits of Sophomore Applied Music (2 credits per semester) (4)
    Acceptable Substitute: MVxXX2X

    FGCU Course: Secondary Piano-Proficiency by Examination 
    Acceptable Substitute: (MVKX111 and MVKX112 and MVKX121 and MVKX122) or (MVKX111r and MVKX111r and MVKX121r and MVKX121r and MVKX211 and MVKX221) as needed to achieve piano proficiency.

  3. Required Courses in the Major (36-38 credits)
    A minimum grade of C or S is required in each course.

    IDS 3300 Foundations of CivicEngagement (3)
    MUG 3104 Introduction to Conducting (2)
    MUH 3211 Survey of Music History I (3)
    MUH 3212 Survey of Music History II (3)
    MUN 3xxx Ensemble (1 cr x 4 sem) (4)
    MUS 1010 Recital Attendance (0 cr x 6 semesters) (0)
    MUS 1360 Intro to Music Technology (1)
    MUS 3953 Junior Recital (0-1)
    MUS 4920 Senior Capstone in Music (3)
    MUS 4954 Senior Recital (0-1)
    MUT 3311 Orchestration and Arranging (3)
    MUT 3611 Form and Analysis (2)
    MVx 3xxx Junior Applied Music (3 cr x 2 semesters) (6)
    MVx 4xxx Senior Applied Music (3 cr x 2 semesters) (6)

  4. Restricted Electives in the Major (1 credit)
    A minimum grade of C or S is required in each course.

    Complete one of the following:
    MUN 3453 Piano Ensemble (0-1)
    MUN 3463 Instrumental Chamber Music (0-1)
    MUO 3503 Opera/Musical Theater Workshop (0-1)

  5. Concentration Requirements (13-18 credits)
    A minimum grade of C or S is required in each course.

    Complete requirements for one concentration

    Voice Concentration (16 credits)
    GER 1120C or (GER1120 & 1120L) and GER 1121C or (GER 1121 & 1121L) (8) or FRE 1120C or (FRE 1120 & FRE 1120L) and FRE 1121C or (FRE 1121 & 1121L) (8)
    MUE 3433 Vocal Pedagogy (2)
    MUE 4492 Choral Lit and Conducting Tech (3)
    MUL 4602 Vocal Literature (2)
    MUS 1201 Diction I (1)
    MUS 2202 Diction II (1)
    Additional 1 credit of 3000 - 4999 with the prefix of MUx

    Piano Concentration (14 credits)
    MUE 3303 Piano Pedagogy I (3)
    MUE 3304 Piano Pedagogy II (3)
    MUL 4481 Piano Literature I (3)
    MUL 4485 Piano Literature II (3)
    MVK 3702 Piano Accomp & Collaboration (2)

    Instrumental Concentration (13-14 credits)
    MUG 3204 Instr. Lit. & Cond. Techniques (3)
    Additional 8 credits of 3000 - 4999 with the prefix of MUx

    Plus two of the following courses:
    MUE 3343 String Methodds and Materials (1)
    MUE 3451 Woodwind Methods and Materials (1)
    MUE 3465 Brass Methods and Materials (1)
    MUE 3475 Percussion Methods and Materials (2)

  6. University Requirements (3 credits)
    IDS 3920 University Colloquium (3)

  7. Additional Electives - as needed to reach total credits required for the degree