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Public Administration

Public Administration (M.P.A.)

MPA Internships


MPA students who have less than one year of full-time professional work experience in the public or not-for-profit sectors at the time of admission (as determined by the MPA Admissions Committee and stipulated in the student’s letter of admission to the program) must complete a 3-credit MPA internship (PAD 6940).

Internship Requirements

In order to register for and complete an MPA Internship, the following are required:

  • You must be admitted as an MPA student.
  • Find a placement in a position with meaningful administrative- and/or policy-related work experiences. Although an intern might reasonably expect to occasionally perform routine duties, the major duties performed by the intern must be non-clerical in nature. The final determination of this is made by the MPA Program Coordinator. Click here to view the MPA Internship Syllabus.
  • Completion of the program’s internship form providing the instructor of record (MPA Coordinator) with information about the name and location of the internship site, the name and contact information of the site supervisor/mentor, and a list or narrative summary of the principal job duties associated with the internship. The student, internship site supervisor, and MPA Program Coordinator must sign and date this form. Click here to view the Internship Application Form.
  • Completion of 300 hours of work at the internship site (including work performed off-site if instructed to do so by the internship supervisor/mentor).
  • At the completion of the internship, the intern must arrange for the site supervisor/mentor to send the instructor of record a brief letter or email summarizing: 1) the major activities engaged in during the internship, 2) confirmation that the intern completed 300 hours of work; and 3) an assessment of the quality of the intern’s work at the site: “A” (excellent), “B” (above average), “C” (average), “D” (below average), or “F” (failing).
  • Completion of an intermediate-length paper (8 to 10 pages) that examines one or more aspects of the internship work or some other dimension of the administrative-or policy-related activities dealt with by the organization.

Recent Internship Placements

Below are examples of recent internships completed by FGCU’s MPA students:

  • Ocean Conservancy; Intern
  • Spirit Airlines Safety Curriculum Developer
  • Bonita Springs Area Chamber of Commerce; Government Affairs Collier County
  • Matt Hudson State Representative District 80 Staffer
  • U.S. Department of Justice; Deputy U.S. Marshal; Policy and Training Development
  • Florida Department of Transportation; District 1 SW Area Office Intern
  • Bonita Springs Area Chamber of Commerce; Government Affairs Lee County