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Philosophy (B.A.)

Philosophy (B.A.)

Mohamad Al-Hakim

Assistant Professor
Phone: (239) 590-7352
Office: RH 105

Dr. Mohamad Al-Hakim is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication & Philosophy at Florida Gulf Coast University. He holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts from McMaster University and completed his Doctorate of Philosophy at York University (Toronto Canada). His primary research focuses on political, legal and moral theory, with special focus on issues of minority rights and justice. Dr. Al-Hakim has taught courses in legal and political theory, ethics, history of philosophy, logic and Islamic philosophy. He has has published on various topics, including multiculturalism and identity-politics, hate crime legislation, and government ethics.

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Selected Publications

  • Al-Hakim, Mohamad. ‘Making a Home for the Homeless in Hate Crime Legislation’ Journal of Interpersonal Violence (July 2015)
  • Dimock, S., Al-Hakim, M., MacSweeney, G., Barone, A., and Antonacci, A. Ethics in the Public Service: Trust, Integrity and Democracy (Nelson Publishing, 2013)
  • Al-Hakim, M. and Dimock, S. 'Hate as an Aggravating Factor in Sentencing' New Criminal Law Review, Volume 15: Issue 4, 2012, pp. 572-610
  • Al-Hakim M. 'Liberalism, Value Pluralism, and the Need for Cultural Recognition' in Mbonimpa and Copeman (eds.) Freedom of Expression: Culture and Religion (University of Sudbury Press, 2011), pp. 125-137
  • Al-Hakim, M. 'Making Room for Hate Crime Legislation in Liberal Societies' Criminal Law and Philosophy, Volume 4: Issue 3 (October, 2010), pp. 341-358