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Philosophy (B.A.)

Philosophy (B.A.)

Carolyn Culbertson

Assistant Professor
Phone: (239) 745-4238
Office: RH 204

Carolyn Culbertson joined the philosophy program at FGCU in 2013. She received her PhD in philosophy at the University of Oregon in 2010. Before joining the faculty of FGCU, Dr. Culbertson taught at University of Maine Farmington and Elon University in North Carolina. Her teaching and research areas include twentieth century Continental philosophy, Ancient Greek philosophy, Feminist Philosophy, and East Asian Philosophy. Her current research focuses on debates within contemporary philosophy regarding the role of language in knowledge and identity. Her current book project explores the important contributions that 20th century Continental philosophers have made to these debates. At FGCU, Dr. Culbertson serves as faculty advisor for the Philosophy Club and is an Honors Fellow in the FGCU Honors Program.

Selected Publications:

  • “My Language Which Is Not My Own: Heidegger and Derrida on the Ambiguity of Linguistic Life,” Southwest Philosophy Review (2016).
  • “The Omnipotent Word of Medical Diagnosis and the Silence of Depression: An Argument for Kristeva’s Therapeutic Approach,” The International Journal for Feminist Approaches to Bioethics (2016)
  • "The Ethics of Relationality: Judith Butler and Social Critique," Continental Philosophy Review (2013)
  • "Nature and Self-Knowledge: On Schelling's Ambiguous Role in Merleau-Ponty's The Concept of Nature," The Barbarian Principle: Merleau-Ponty, Schelling, and the Question of Nature (SUNY Press, 2013)
  • "Finding Ourselves in Language: On the Theme of Entanglement in Heidegger's Unterwegs zur Sprache and Barthes' Literary Theory," Schreiben Dichten Denken (Vittorio Klosterman, 2011)
  • "Ordinary Mind and the Mumonkan," Comparative and Continental Philosophy (2010)


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