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College of Arts and Sciences

College of Arts and Sciences

Undergraduate Research Fellowship: Current Projects






 Dan Bacalzo

 Laura Moch

 Bower School of Music & the Arts -  Theatre

 Dramaturgy for world premiere play, Your Florida Fantasy

 Grege Boyce

 Kellie Martinez

 Chemistry & Physics

 Efficient Synthesis of Bioactive  Natural Product

 John Braddy

 Eric Jacobson

 Gunnar Gibson

 Communication & Philosophy

 Liberation - Research trip to South  Africa

 Ann Carncross

 Emma Paige Cook

 Bower School of Music & the Arts -  Theatre

 Scene Shop Training and Resource Manual

 Anna Goebel

 Marisa Sauer

 Biological Sciences

 Evolutionary Adaptations in the Silver Apalm and American  Beautyberry

 Jeff Hutchinson

 Anthony Grippo

 Chemistry & Physics

 Analyzing Dark Matter Producation at Colliders

 Erik Insko

 Chance Hamilton


 Learnin' a Machine to Find Waldo!

 William Locascio

 Kelly Jones

 Social Sciences - Anthropology

 Late Archaic Ceramic Production in the Okeechobee Basin of South Florida

 Megan McShane

 Marchall Nathanson

 Bower School of Music & the Arts - Art

 Apiary Interactions in Art & Ecology

 Jan Martin Meij

 Hannah Seitz

 Social Sciences - Sociology

 Racial Justice in a Changing Political Opportunity Climate

 Daniel Paull

 Nichalas Lauta

 Ryan Williams

 Chemistry & Physics

 Preliminary Studies & Methodology for New Rapid Funchionalization Methods towards Synthesis of Bioactive Molecules from Disubstituted Ketene Precursors

 Joelle Richard

 Savannah Myers

 Marine & Ecological Sciences

 Evaluating the use of the of the Florida Bay scallop to reconstruct past environment in Southwest Florida 

 Joseph Ross

 Grant Tindall

 Political Science & Public Administration

 Decision-making in Elected and Appointed State Supreme Courts

 Tak Ueda

 Dominic Enyart

 Biological Sciences

 Production of Plant-Based Drugs for the Treatment of Insulin Response Disorders