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College of Arts and Sciences

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FGCU Chamber Choir Performance Tour of the Baltic States

Baltic States Choral Tour

The FGCU Chamber Choir will tour and perform through the Baltic States during the first weeks of May, 2017. Students will travel through the heart of coastal Northeastern Europe by performing in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The countries host a number of choral events during the year, and the FGCU Chamber Choir will participate in the American Celebration of Music in the historic capital cities of Vilnius, Riga, and Tallinn.

Baltic States Choral Tour
In addition, the FGCU Chamber Choir will be a featured choir in the
KAUNAS CANTAT (an invited performance by recorded audition),
which is an international bi-annual choral festival held in Kaunas,
Lithuania. The Chamber Choir will also have a Masterclass with
Latvian composer Eriks Ešenvalds and will share in a performance at 
historic St. John's church with Dziesmuvara, a Latvian choral ensemble
known internationally for its excellence. 



This opportunity will give the students an opportunity to share their performances with the people of the Baltics, to learn about the region and its traditions, and to interact and learn from people through the power of music.

Baltic States Choral Tour