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October 5-9, 12-16, 2005

Playwright: Yasmina Reza

Translation by: Christopher Hampton

Directed by: Ronal Stepney

Performance Dates: October 5-9, 12-16, 2005

Description: Is 200,000 francs too much for a white canvas painting? Can a piece of art destroy friendships? In Yasmina Reza's play Art, friendships are tested all because of one art piece. Art is all about relationships. Relationships are the key. Art examines in depth how relationships are affected by everyday situations and with every choice we make in life. Relationships shine through here, from Serge's deep friendship with Marc, to their relationship with Yvan, to his relationship with his fiance. This piece of art takes these three friends on an intellectual journey and teaches a valuable lesson that forever changes them all. You really can't put a price on friendship. Or can you? 



Production Crew


Hansley Mussotte

Director Ronal Stepney
Serge Michael Southwick Production Design Chris Rich
Yvan Brandon Patterson Technical Director Chris Rich
    Costumes Megan Pugh
    Stage Manager Erika Toy
    Asst. Stage Manager Tim Clark
    Technical Director Chris Rich
    Asst. Technical Director Karen Bailey
    Light Board Operator Katie Pankow
    Lighting Assistant Synthia Kavanagh
    Props Kat Branciforte
    Props Mistress Megan Brewbaker
    Sound Board Operator Jerica Weinhold
    Sound Assistant Megan Pugh
      Costume Consultants Megan Pugh
        Andrea Stevens
      Dramaturg Molly Lehmann
      Publicity Kate Abbott
      Graphic Artist Anica Sturdivant

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