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Exit the King

Exit the King

February 11-15, 18-22, 2009

Playwright: Eugene Ionesco

Director: Barry Cavin

Description: The great king is about to die. All reality emanated from his glorious presence and now that reality is crumbling at his feet. But the king refuses to go quietly because, "blinded by love," he is just as unprepared for death as he was ignorant of true life. In this darkly humorous play the absurd comic genius Eugene Ionesco haunts us with the idea that even the gods may be conquered by love and what we think we know of the world may be only creations of our own self-interested obsessions.




King Berenger

Phil Pollard

Director Barry Cavin
Queen Marie Mariah Phillips Technical Director Anne M. Carncross
Queen Marguerite Katelyn Gravel Scenic Design Barry Cavin
Juliette Katie Pankow Lighting Design Anne M. Carncross
Doctor Brad Chidester Costume Design Keavy Gallagher
Guard Ryan Altizer Stage Manager Susan Bero
    Assistant Stage Manager James Simmons
    Deck Chief Wendy Stephens
    Light Board Operator Danielle Ranno
    Master Electricians Susan Bero, Dana Jenkins
    Sound Board Operator Susan Bero
    Props Master James Simmons
    Props Assistant Joanna Mandel
    Costume Assistant Emily Van Pelt
      Stagehands Vanessa Guarino, Becky Ormiston, James Simmons
      Build Crew Mariah Phillips, Megan Pugh, James Simmons, Wendy Stephens
      House Manager Megan Pugh
      Head Ushers Chris Jeong, Woodrow Wilson
      Scenic Painters Jason McCain, Kate Stannard
      Graphic Artist Anica Sturdivant

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