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October 25-29, November 1-5, 2006

Playwright: Peter Handke

Directed by: Barry Cavin

Performance Dates: October 25-29, November 1-5, 2006

Description: Kaspar Houser was imprisoned (probably by his mother) in a small windowless room from the time of his infancy until he was set free to be enlisted into the army or killed. When he emerged on the street of Nuremburg as a teenager, he had the ability to speak only one sentence: "I want to be a soldier like my father once was." This tragic tale served as Handke's inspiration for this theatrical event that explores both the constructive and destructive forces of language. Our production seeks to reveal the human story of how we use slippery and precarious symbols to define ourselves and sometimes destroy others. We also examine our mourning for the loss of our pre-linguistic selves and the divorce of symbol from its referent.



Production Crew


Tawnie McDowell

Director Barry Cavin
Kaspar 1 Kate Abbott Scene Construction Amanda DeVictor
Kaspar 2 Emily House Set

Kat Branciforte

Kaspar 3 Brittany Bankston   Kelly Buchanan
Prompter 1 Gareth Boland Set Assistance

Cynthia Canales

Prompter 2 Melissa Gallagher  

Elizabeth Lavery

Prompter 3 Taylor Carr Stage Manager Rebecca Ormiston
Prompter 4 Miriam Anna Schroetter Asst. Stage Manager

Jerica Weinhold

    Video Mixer/Operator Kelly Buchanan
    Lighting Board Operator Jackie Erickson
    Sound Board Operator Synthia Kavanagh
    Publicity Synthia Kavanagh
      Danielle Jones
    Artwork Lauren Baker
      Stage Hand Sarah Penfold
        Katherine Pankow
      House Manager Mary Reed
        Megan Pugh
      Graphic Artist Anica Sturdivant

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