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Orphan Bunko

Orphan Bunko

June 24-28, 2009

Playwright: Sarah Bond

Director: Barry Cavin

Description: What in the world is Bunko? Find out in this dark comedy, which probes beneath the perfectly coiled surface of a suburban neighborhood and its bored but stylish inhabitants. When a neighborhood girl disappears, the ladies in newcomer Janet's Bunko group band together to find her. The secrets they reveal shatter the facades they have created for one another and force the ladies to redefine themselves and their relationships.




Janet Katie Pankow Wendy Stephens
Tony Josh Gravel    
Sherrie Anne Lisa Paige    
Paula Rebecca Ormiston    
Liz Brittney Brady    
Marie Katelyn Gravel    
Amber Ines Hadzismajlovic    
Chet Adam Prey    

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