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February 15-19, 22-26, 2006

Designed & Directed by: Barry Cavin

Performance Dates: February 15-19, 22-26, 2006

Description: A collection of work by Sam Shepard, Joseph Chaikin, and Heiner Müller.

The story you will see is not a story. It has no beginning, no middle, no end. It has no central character changed by struggles against opposing forces. There is no catharsis here. You will see brief fragments of stories where desire, frustration, connection and autonomy play the chief roles. You will see allegory and metaphor. You will think it is a story of a dying man dreaming of a lost love. But you will soon feel it has to be more than that because of the others. You will settle on themes. One theme in particular will be most evident and that is the human capacity to be satisfied with the state of desiring; desire as an end. You will note that this state exists in and out of the relationships we create whether those relations are interpersonal or international. The form of what you will see is somewhere between pastiche and montage. It is fragmented, multi-layered, disconnected, subjective, and dream-like. In other words, what you will see is real life.




  Kate Abbott Director/Design Barry Cavin
  Magan Brewbaker Video/Sound Design Barry Cavin
  Cesar Cano Scene Construction/Light Design Chris Rich
  Miriam Anna Schroetter Stage Manager/Props Rebecca Ormiston
  Jamie Spagnola Video Mixer Operations Kelly Buchanan
  Ronal Stepney Lighting Board Operator Jerica Weinhold
  Michael Fauerbach Sound Board Operator Dainelle Jones
    Artwork Lauren Baker
    Stage Hands Kat Branciforte
      Synthia Kavanagh
      Megan Pugh
    Graphic Artist Anica Sturdivant

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