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Wings of Hope

Wings of Hope

CREW Field Trip


Learning how to be a Florida Panther Biologist:
Field Adventure at CREW Land and Water Trust Hiking Trails

Elementary school and college students continue on their Florida Panther Posse adventure and visit CREW Land and Water Trust. This 60,000-acre watershed spanning Lee and Collier counties provides and excellent learning place for students to continue their awareness of the Florida Panther and its habitat.  Discover over five miles of trails at CREW. FGCU college students guide the elementary students through the hiking trails winding through pine flatwoods, marsh vistas, mysterious oak hammocks and pristine popash communities.  They learn how to use different scientific intstruments and get a chance to be outside in nature.

CREW CREW "Nature Rocks"







Directions to CREW Marsh Hiking Trails:

Travel east 17 miles on Corkscrew Road from Exit 123, I-75.

-Boardwalks, Lookout Tower, 5.5 miles of beautiful and large hiking trails.

-Dog Friendly - on leash, no bikes, horses, or ATVs.